Cybertruck Owners Say Their Stainless Steel Trucks Are Rusting (Gizmodo)


    Cybertruck Owners Say Their Stainless Steel Trucks Are Rusting – By José Rodríguez Jr. (Gizmodo) / Feb 14, 2024

    Owners say they are noticing orange stains on the stainless steel panels of their new Cybertrucks.

    It seems the stainless steel panels of the Tesla Cybertruck are not really stain “less,” and are turning out to be no less susceptible to stains than stainless kitchen appliances, which easily develop grease and water stains. Some Tesla Cybertruck owners are reporting persistent orange stains on the exterior of their EVs, which could be early signs of rust and corrosion, according to Futurism.

    Despite the recent release of these Tesla EVs — and the little road time they’ve been subjected to — Cybertrucks are already developing imperfections on their body panels, leading owners to debate what’s causing the early signs of rust on forums. From Futurism:

    One Cybertruck Owners Club forum member says they started noticing small orange flecks appearing on his truck after driving it in the rain for just two days.

    “Just picked up my Cybertruck today,” they wrote. “The advisor specifically mentioned the cybertrucks develop orange rust marks in the rain and that required the vehicle to be buffed out.”



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