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Dairy Decision Goes Unnoticed (The Progressive)


Dairy Decision Goes Unnoticed – By Mike Ervin (The Progressive) / Feb 27, 2024

Lawsuit illustrates that equity is important even in coffee creamer.

I’m surprised I haven’t heard anything about any of the Fox News talking heads complaining bitterly about the case of Chelsea Garland v. Dunkin Donuts. It seems like the kind of thing they could easily distort into an example of wokeness gone wild.

The class action lawsuit, which was filed the day after Christmas in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California and has yet to go to trial, hinges on the plaintiffs’ claims that because they have milk allergies and/or are lactose intolerant, Dunkin Donuts is violating their rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act by charging extra for non-dairy creamers.

This is a golden opportunity for rightwing pundits to do what they do best by presenting this case in a superficial way, thus triggering their loyal followers to indignantly respond with “What’s next? Being lactose intolerant constitutes a disability now? This isn’t what the ADA is intended to address!”

But this is exactly what the ADA is intended to address, which is why it’s such a great and timeless law. The ADA is designed to expand the collective perception of who is disabled. It defines disability as a “physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities.” This includes people with disabilities that aren’t obvious, such as those with mental health issues.

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