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Democrat Senators Urge UN Security Council Mandates on Coronavirus Crisis (Front Page Mag)


Democrat Senators Urge UN Security Council Mandates on Coronavirus Crisis – By Joseph Klein (Front Page Mag) / March 25 2020

Why did the UN health agency get off to such a poor start?

President Trump is mobilizing an unprecedented all hands-on-deck response to the novel coronavirus 2019. He is using all available instruments of the federal government in order to save American lives, while not destroying the American economy in the process. Meanwhile, several Democrat senators, including Senators Ed Markey and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, decided to waste their time writing a letter on March 20th to President Trump urging him to turn to the United Nations Security Council for help. They asked him to introduce a “resolution to declare pandemics a threat to international peace and security, and require action by member nations to address that threat as soon as the Security Council reconvenes.”

The coronavirus is a mortal threat to life all over the world. Given its failed record on a host of issues squarely within its jurisdiction, the UN Security Council is totally useless in dealing with this health threat or its ramifications – whenever it decides to reconvene. Yet the senators writing the letter to President Trump stupidly think that the president should look to the Security Council to “establish binding commitments for UN member nations to align their health preparedness frameworks with best international practices.” Do they have China’s practices in mind?

The resolution, the letter said, “should affirm the responsibility of all UN Member States to protect refugees and asylum seekers, international displaced persons (IDPs), and the food insecure — all of whose circumstances leave them especially vulnerable to pandemics.” Markey, Warren and their fellow Democrat senators want the Security Council to “mandate a global giving campaign to approved UN aid organizations or host governments whose people or hosted populations are already suffering from acute need.” These senators’ job is to get as much relief as is needed as soon as possible to the American people who are suffering the effects of the virus through no fault of their own. We don’t need any UN resolutions to “establish binding commitments” or to “mandate” another plan for global wealth redistribution to unaccountable entities.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is the specialized agency of the United Nations that is supposed to be responsible for international public health. It got off to a very bad start dealing with the novel coronavirus 2019 outbreak. Taking at face value information from China, the origin of the outbreak, WHO went along with China’s initial refusal to even admit human to human contamination. WHO delayed declaring the coronavirus a “public health emergency of international concern” until January 30 – waiting a full month after the first case of the virus was reported on December 31.

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