Home Todds Posts Did anyone truly change their support after Hillary/Donnie debate #2?

Did anyone truly change their support after Hillary/Donnie debate #2?


Did anyone truly change their support after Hillary/Donnie debate #2?

Wait let me answer that for ya….. NO! Because the fact is no matter what happens many will vote Hillary/ many will vote Donnie and many will vote for one just because they hate the other candidate more. Which leaves us in the hands of the true undecideds; the ones that are going to close their eyes hold their noses and sweating from anxiety till they hit a button.

I will give kudos to Trump Campaign head Kelly Conway for skipping out on all the Sunday morning talk shows to continue debate prep with Donnie. He came out a little erratic but regained his composure and stuck to the game plan of hammering home three things; Emails, Billy’s infidelities, and Hillary’s “untruthiness.”

I think in total he gave 3 actual policy answers; Obamacare, tax cuts and … and… Obamacare, Tax cuts, and dammit I know there was a third. In all it didn’t matter id he said anything else as he told Anderson Cooper he was going to answer how he feels after Cooper repeated a question he never truly answered.

Actually both Hillary and Donnie skipped on complete answers, yet Social Media was more interested on “The Fly” and Donnie’s “Gorilla overshadowing.” Lord knows I was more worried about the return of the “sniff” which was attributed in the first debate as a faulty mic.

We can skip over the prior PR stunt with the Clinton accusers because, well if people believe we shouldn’t be concerned with something Donnie did 10 years ago (which was normally followed with ‘as a democrat’) then we can overlook Billy’s actions. However, both are completely in the wrong and if I want some vulgar womanizer representing the US on the World Stage, well bring back Andrew Dice Clay’s 90’s routine.

Well let’s see, we’ve skipped the womanizing, lack of policy talk, what was left to complain about?
Oh yeah, those nagging interruptions.

I laughed when I read Sean Spicer’s tweet “As of 9:50, moderators have interrupted Trump 14 times, Clinton just 3 times” If you were really paying attention 12 of the 14 times Donnie was interrupted by the moderators to get him back on track, to answer the question asked or tell him to stop interrupting Hillary. By the end the RNC released the total Donnie interruption count at around 26, with Hillary halving the number.

So I’ll continue the broken record response of “CUT THE F’ING MICS” until called upon.

I want policy talk, tell me more on policy and less than zero on what he/she wrote on the bathroom wall while taking piss in the 10th grade. But that’s impossible as voters are more likely to vote on emotion, gaffe, or sound bite and not on policy.

There are people voting nowadays regardless if they agree 75% on the oppositions policy because they have an “anyone but so-so” mentality which leaves us as to why we a choice between Hillary/Donnie or not wanting to vote at all in 2016.

People go vote regardless! You can skip the Presidential part and still vote for Local, State and other Federal candidates.


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