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Do we really need a Presidential Physical livefeed


Do we really need a Presidential Physical livefeed

It’s easy to say DC has become a circus since the reality star in chief took office. Media is finding more ways to be obnoxious in their reporting of the Admin and of each other. Actually the reporting on each other has resulted in hilarity as it just becomes free promo for the other guy.

Look, I really don’t care about the physical health of a POTUS nor do I need to see the official medical examiner give an hour long review while giving a nervous laugh and try to be funny.

Why don’t I care? Simply because even if the POTUS were ill the Government is not gonna let you know as they don’t what the headaches of Media and people freaking out.

Now with that said, it’s good to hear POTUS Donnie is in good health and should we have doubted it? After all he bragged about his great health since his 2016 campaign, even drudging up some Dr Okun (Independence Day) cosplaying doctor lookalike to let us know.

The funny thing was the Media reaction. Well not that of Sean Hannity, he’s so far up POTUS Donnie’s ass you’d think he was giving a colonoscopy.

Yes, as predicted Media talking heads exploded, they couldn’t believe a 70+ man who eats Happy Meals and drinks Diet Coke by the gallon with very little exercise was in good health. Then again, the guy eats pizza with a fork so we really need to look into a deeper sanity test.

A sitting POTUS is a role model for many too follow or should I say wanna follow like a teenage girl crush on the latest boy band. Whatever book they are reading or latest downloaded app or health regimen, it’s reported on and people follow.

So how many men are gonna hit the drive thru en masse because the POTUS does?

Kinda makes you wonder how ol’ Michelle Obama feels to see all her work about being healthy being tossed out the window.

I understood Michelle’s idea of trying to get kids to exercise and eat healthy, there were a lot of people on both sides of the aisle who agreed but many felt her plans went to far as soon as those ideas enter the schoolhouse and school administrations interpreted the initiative into tossing lunches that didn’t meet a certain requirement.

Of course, there were many who mocked her for talking about healthy eating and then photographed ripping into a rack of ribs or mocking her hips/butt.

Um, having a cheat day with a  rack of ribs as opposed to someone devouring a 3 Ho-Ho’s as a cheat are totally different but as long as ya keep exercising and eating healthy the rest of the week, all should be well.

Plus, let’s remember this; ladies are judged helluva more harsher by the court of public opinion then a guy. So POTUS Donnie hitting the drive thru at the local Jack n’ the Box on his way to Mar-a-Largo for a round of golf ain’t frowned upon but if  Michelle Obama or the local female meteorologist did so, oh the mail and message board hate becomes epic.

Sure POTUS Donnie should do more physical activity then just play golf. Hey POTUS Billy used to jog every morning, of course the joke would be it helped him to chase ladies around the desk.

Hey we could argue all day about the validity of whether or not golf is a real sport in comparison to NASCAR. But that’s an argument to have at the country club on the trailer park grounds some other day.

As Media has finally simmered down and the late night talk show hosts jokes run dry, let’s remember there is no requirement for a POTUS to have an annual physical.

What is true is an individual’s notion of “fit for office” is?

That’s it, fill up the coffee-kegger, pay your political tab and is it me or does POTUS Donnie look similar to Boss Nass





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