Donald Trump Campaign Official Dismisses Polls As ‘Junk’ (Inquisitr)


    Donald Trump Campaign Official Dismisses Polls As ‘Junk’ – By Damir Mujezinovic (Inquisitr) / July 29 2020

    In an interview with Fox Business Network broadcast on Wednesday, Hogan Gidley, the press secretary of President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign, dismissed opinion polling as “junk,” The Hill reported.

    Speaking with Mornings with Maria anchor Dagen McDowell, Gidley brushed off former Vice President Joe Biden’s lead, saying that “a lot of those polls are junk.”

    After McDowell described the response as a “cop-out,” he suggested that polling agencies deliberately under-sample Republican voters.

    “It’s not a cop-out where the numbers bear out the fact that 10 percent more Democrats are surveyed in these polls than there were in 2016,” he said.

    “That’s just sheer mathematics. I can’t change that. So they are skewed to the left for sure.”

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