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Don’t Believe Biden’s Tack toward the Center on Climate Change (National Review)


Don’t Believe Biden’s Tack toward the Center on Climate Change – By John Yoo (National Review) / Mar 17 2023

By making it easier for cities and states to sue oil companies, the administration continues to push its radical environmental agenda. The Supreme Court should reject it.

The Biden administration is gesturing toward the center by choosing oil-drilling over climate-change craziness. Last Monday, President Biden approved the $8 billion Alaska Willow project, which will drill for 600 million barrels of oil from “pristine federal land,” in the words of the New York Times. Environmentalists cried betrayal from a president who campaigned on ending all drilling on federal land, while political pundits praised the move as an example of Biden’s centrist policies.

But when voters peer behind the symbolism, they will see that the White House continues to pursue its radical environmental agenda by the everyday decisions of the administrative state. Just this week, the Biden Justice Department went to the Supreme Court to urge it to allow cities and states to inflict outrageous lawsuits against oil companies for allegedly causing global warming. It is not often that the Supreme Court can do anything about climate change. For the most part, the Constitution limits the courts to deciding cases or controversies that involve federal law or that contain a significant federal interest.

However, in several cases pending review — against most of the major energy companies in the nation — the Supreme Court could short-circuit this local effort to distort out national energy markets and bring these cases to an immediate halt. By ignoring the Biden Justice Department, the justices could move the nation toward a far more sensible and responsible approach to global warming.

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