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Early Primary Debate Prediction: Who Crapped in the GOP Bed


Yes I am a political geek and what was once a wonderful event for me to dissect and mock has now begun to look more like a mind-numbing marathon of spectacular stupidity that makes me wonder who is getting paid by whom to run for President in 2016 just to ruin another’s chance.

Truly I am saddened because it seems every Presidential cycle has become a low budget circus event of people looking to better their career and not actually want to serve as President of the United States of America.

Yes I know I’ve mocked the contenders and pretenders lately, but think about it; who is actually a contender and who is looking to pad their future speaking fee cost?

With the first GOP debate a mere two weeks away, many in the GOP are making their final push to get their soapboxes on the FOX News stage August 6th in Cleveland. When asked by MSNBC Morning Joe host Mika Brzezinski about how he feels about the FOX News Top 10 format “Southern Bell” Sen Lindsey Graham simply stated “it sucks.”

Yet here’s the funny thing, the Bottom (not so) 10 aren’t staying home that Monday night as we’re being told by Media and the candidates, but they keep stating their being held out.

Nope these “not ready for prime time” candidates will be on stage in Cleveland as well, just they’ll be speaking at a special 60 minute “forum” on FOX News around 5pm that day. Actually it was supposed to be held at 1pm, but since FOX News is “Fair & Balanced” they decided to give the JV players a better time slot to help their campaigns and let them feel viable. As of today, your JV team looks like this; Kasich, Jindal, Graham, Pataki, Santorum, Fiorina, and Gilmore.

OK some may not know who this Gilmore person is. Well he is the former Gov of Virginia from some time ago and truly there are only a few outlets acknowledging his existence in this race.

Here’s the fun part of all this mess; there is a miniscule of percentage points separating the JV candidates of Kasich and Santorum from breaking into the #10 spot which is currently held by the bespectacled Rick Perry. Of course that depends on which poll or how many polls are put together.

It’s not the Bottom (not so) 10’s fault where they fall in this mess of a campaign race, some are well known names and others are trying to get people to know them. It’s the Media’s fault for drowning them out with constant sound bites of Trump played in constant rotation that quiets them.

So yeah, if I were any of the contenders/pretenders I would pitch a bitch as well, especially towards FOX and soak up any attention from the other outlets as much as possible. And most definitely take the path of Chris Christie and tell the interviewer you will not answer anymore questions about Trump as it takes away your voice!

Honestly I think being on the pre-game “forum” is a better choice. The candidates will have to deal with a less crowded field and (hopefully) be able to talk about their proposals, easily control the moderator and less chance of knocking another stage member of their soapbox. Because let’s face it, when it comes to the prime time slot, it’s all gonna be about one person.

Yes I am truly saddened that Trump will be center stage on August 6 looking more like a Circus clown ring leader than a viable presidential candidate. Many have joked about the number of candidates and reference the debacle of 2012 as a “clown show.” Yet with Trump, the Genius PR whore that he is, it truly has become just that.

I suspect about 2/3 of the questions asked will navigate around what has been stated over the past few weeks by Trump then actual policy questions that, I for one, want to hear candidates answer in their view and not explain his.

It was rumored after Trump announced that FOX News was saving a podium spot for him on Aug 6th regardless of polling or “official” candidacy status. Ain’t that a kick in the nuts?

And then there’s nugget of info presented by New York Magazine’s Gabriel Sherman in that Rupert Murdoch had given specific orders to “back off the Trump coverage” only to have FOX News honcho Roger Ailes become deaf to his boss. For Ailes, Trump equals ratings too which explains the amount of coverage Trump has received than the rest of the field in the past three weeks.

Who says the Media doesn’t pick the “winner?”

Hey many can say the same about MSNBC with Obama and now with Hillary, correct?
Although I believe ratings will be up for any debate that has Trump’s involvement eventually people are gonna begin to fall away from him and his boisterous bloviated character. Of course with every new Presidential debate there must be a drinking game to keep the viewer interested. So I guess Trump can claim an increase in alcohol sales to his presence then

With all the hollering about Trump leading this/that poll and the many in Media already planning the Trump coronation ceremony as the next President, let’s not forget that in 2012 we also had a “President Bachmann,” “President Cain,” as well after a good debate showing only to watch them fall shortly after.

In the end I will have to question the candidate’s sanity of chasing Trump’s backing once he drops out which I’m predicting comes at the end of this November. I got money on Sen Cruz’s to pucker up to Trump’s ass very quickly.

That’s it, Slap the tap and pour a frosty cold Alesmith Horny Devil and get ready to watch the shaking babies and uninterrupted ass kissing this TV Season by the contenders/pretenders of 2016.



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