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Eatery patron says Eliot Spitzer threatened to stab him in the penis (New York Post)


Eatery patron says Eliot Spitzer threatened to stab him in the penis – By Larry Celona and Bruce Golding (newyorkpost.com) / Jan 8 2018

Eliot Spitzer — who once warned a rival, “I am a f–king steamroller” and promised an ex-hooker “a slow, painful death” — threatened to stab a restaurant patron’s privates after getting ribbed by the stranger, The Post has learned.

“I’ll get a f–king knife and stab you right in your f–king c–k!” Spitzer screamed at Jamie Antolini, the Upper East Sider said.
The outburst by the oft-disgraced ex-governor began when he overheard Antolini praising his longtime nemesis, Home Depot founder Ken Langone, Antolini said.

Antolini, 48, said he was having dinner at a table by the bar at Avra Madison Estiatorio when Spitzer, 58, walked in.
As the notorious “Luv Guv” walked by, Antolini loudly told his tablemates, “Ken Langone should have been president” and “Ken Langone is a great guy,” he said.

Antolini said the remarks infuriated Spitzer, who as state attorney general clashed with Langone over then-New York Stock Exchange CEO Richard Grasso’s $139.5 million pay package — only to be publicly roasted by Langone when he quit as governor in 2008 over his first hooker scandal.

“He leaned into me, got right in my face, screaming — yelling — ‘I don’t know who the f–k you think you are! I’ll f–king have you killed!’” Antolini recalled.

Spitzer stormed off but quickly returned and unloaded again — including threatening to knife Antolini in the crotch, he said.

A prominent bio-tech investor who witnessed the incident said Spitzer actually “came back several times” to berate Antolini before Antolini finally stood up to face him following the threat against his manhood.

At that point, some restaurant staffers rushed over, separated the men “and cooler heads prevailed,” the source said.

The Jan. 2 incident happened three days before former escort Svetlana Travis Zakharova — who has accused Spitzer of choking her inside the Plaza on Feb. 13, 2016 — gave cops a recording during which she claims Spitzer threatened: “You know what’s going to happen to you? You’re going to be f–king dead.”

“You’re going to die a slow painful death and your family is going to look at you and laugh because you’re a f–king bitch.”

Antolini, a self-described moderate Republican, said he twice previously tried to get the Democrat Spitzer’s goat by mentioning Langone’s name within earshot — at a Knicks game earlier this year, and on Madison Avenue last year. “I just find it hysterical,” he said.


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