Election 2020: This Chart Shows Why Trump Should Win Reelection, Analysts Say (IB Times)


    Election 2020: This Chart Shows Why Trump Should Win Reelection, Analysts Say – By Arthur Villasanta (IB Times) / Jan 16 2020

    • The GOP should be “plastering absolutely everywhere” a chart comparing unemployment from Reagan to Trump, says Deirdre Bolton
    • “It appears the Trump era has been reducing (income inequality),” claims James Freeman
    • Charles Payne said blue collar wages “have grown faster than their supervisors”

    Supporters of president Donald Trump are trying to make the case the steadily falling U.S. unemployment rate should be reason enough for Trump to be reelected on November 3.

    Hosts at Fox Nation’s “Deep Dive” on Thursday tried to make the most out of the statistic the average U.S. unemployment rate is the lowest in recorded history under Trump. Deirdre Bolton, who once hosted the business show, “Risk & Reward,” on Fox Business Network, exclaimed Trump’s re-election campaign should be “plastering absolutely everywhere” a bar chart showing the average unemployment rate in the first 35 months of each president’s first term going back five decades, or from Ronald Reagan to Trump.

    The simplistic chart shows the unemployment rate under Reagan at 9 percent; George H.W. Bush at 5.9 percent; Bill Clinton at 6.2 percent; George W. Bush at 5.5 percent; Barack Obama at 9.3 percent and Trump at 3.9 percent.


    Taken without context, the chart cited by Bolton looks good for Trump on its face. Bolton didn’t bother to point out, however, Obama had to contend with a sharp economic downturn caused by the Great Recession during his first four years in office starting 2008. That explains the 9.3 percent unemployment rate for Obama’s first three years.

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