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Everyone is joyous… But are they really?


Everyone is joyous that 2020 is over, even though just a few days into 2021 we’re still feeling ALL effects of 2020; from Covid19 to Election results, 2020 is gonna be hanging on a lot longer then expected.

I know 2020 as a bad year for me and writing. I had no will to want to write, forced myself a few times and it just didn’t seem right or authentic. Not sure if it was because of everyone regurgitating the same news, the lack of fresh air, or even the fact that no matter how much fact you put out there people only believe what they want to believe and the constant social media battles were draining.

One thing I do know that was cause for my lack of enthusiasm of the Trump Administration.

First things first, yes I have stated many times that I have never cared for Donnie Trump, be it a pseudo-celebrity or even as POTUS, but I have agreed with some of his policies but not how he handled them in the public square.

So let’s just get some things aired out:

I agree that the current Covid deal sucks, not because it gives little to the American citizen, but as always Congress can never pass a clean bill (meaning no attachments).

POTUS Donnie once stated it’s a great time to borrow money (Zero % interest) and everyone from Liberals to Conservatives jumped on his statement as a blank check. Which should seem odd too the average Conservative who wants a controlled balanced budget. But alas, Congressional Conservatives (with their Liberal counterparts) started listing their budget wants and not their needs to push for more money to spend.

Folks if you borrow a $1 million at 0% interest, you still have to pay back $1 million.

So for POTUS Donnie to bitch about those “attachments” well he’s correct. But do Americans really need $600 or $2000 from our Government that we’ll need to pay back?

Yeppers, that money you’re “getting” will end up being returned in the future in some sort of tax increase or deletion of a Government programs; program budgets that won’t equal the balance due.

We’re already $3-$5 trillion in debt due to Covid19 so let’s add another massive amount of money to it, because why not.

Yes I get it, government giving money back to the American people to help is a big deal, people need it but people are not gonna spend it to help the economy. I’d say 3/4 of the population is gonna use it to pay bills; utilities, student loan, rent/mortgage and that helps for at least one month.

Yeah yeah, i’m not looking at the reciprocal affect of you pay a bill and it helps pay someone’s salary who can then pay their bill and so on. But it’s not helping the economy is it?

Look back to Bush 43 Administration when they sent between $300-$600 (single/married) relief checks out to help during the 2008 financial crisis. The money came late in the summer and the hopes that people would buy goods (electronics, etc) ended up not happening as people either paid bills or sat on it.

Now this is not a blog about trashing Donnie or the GOP, I have my doubts about the incoming Biden Administration as well. But I have to wonder who are the true faces of either Party?

OK, Biden’s been around for close to 50 years, but he is not the future. Well after he left office and for quite some time Bill Clinton was still sitting on a throne as the “Man” along with Hillary right next to him. Even when Obama was POTUS, everything seemed to circle back to the Clintons. They were the perfect boogey-man(woman) to always return too.

I say “were” as if they’ve faded away but truly they haven’t as their name still comes up, probably twice as often then Obama’s name has. It’s like he’s not that scary to some as the Clinton’s ever were.

However, Biden is just keeping the seat warm and please forget Bernie, Lizzie, Pelosi as Kamala Harris is the true future face of the Party. And if she’s as smart as I think she is, she’s gonna start promoting younger names other then “the Squad” to become national talking heads. And no Beto O’Rourke doesn’t make the list

But what about the GOP, is it really the Party of Trump?

Many are putting that thought in stone yet I don’t think so.

I’m looking at folks like Adam Kinzinger, Tom Cotton and even Liz Cheney to take the soapbox away from the likes of Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Matt Gaetz.

What where has Marco been anyway?

So many people that voted for Donnie in 2016 knew exactly what they were getting with his personality; a chauvinistic, spoiled, arrogant, selfish individual who can never accept fault/blame and has to sell or brand everything like a used car salesman or better yet “Crazy Eddie”

Many finally gave up in defending their choice in voting for him and realized they want an adult back in the White House, even if that adult was a grandpa.

Yes I know many people on both sides of the aisle and those that voted Donnie told me they couldn’t do it again. Sure they loved is agenda they just couldn’t take his personality any longer; the constant distraction of his twitter whines or his obnoxious behavior at the podium, but the biggest complaint from all was his public handling of Covid19.

I give him credit to cutting the bullshit and pushing Congress to get vaccines moving, but it was the constant spitting of misinformation at the pressers that did many in.

I can go on on but let’s remember this when you try to defend Donnie; for all that complained about Obama’s golf outings in his 8 years as POTUS, Donnie did more in 4 years.

Between Inauguration Day on January 20, 2017 to November 1 2020 POTUS Donnie golfed roughly 313 times, compared to Obama’s nearly 330 times over 8 years. That means Donnie golfed 1/4 of his tenure! Yet the cries that were shed under Obama went dry for Donnie.

OK I’ve rambled long enough.

We live in a hypocrisy democracy.

We live in a divide that widens every election cycle because people wear blinders and only believe what they want. We’re force fed information because those shoveling know many are too lazy to change the channel or turn the page.

It’s time for the many to push their political madness on ALL members of Congress, not just the opposition. Accept their failures to meet your belief, it’s ok to vote against your Party when need be, it’s your fault for allowing them to be there well past their time.

OK that’s it, slap the tap and call 2021 it what it really is; an extension of 2020, but let’s hope it ends soon


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