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February 26, 2023 – Today’s Inconsistent Thoughts (President’s Day and Tapioca Pudding)


Would you consider this a good or bad week for POTUS Joey?

I mean after all people have bitched that he went away on a federal holiday, practically bent his knee to the Ukrainian president, had yet to visit the good folks of East Palestine and badgered spending close to $2 million to shoot down a couple balloons.

Oh, let’s not forget have your Transportation Secretary fumbled an easy PR situation and got upstaged by your 2020 (possible 2024) opponent.

Let’s rewind to this past Monday, President’s Day!

Everyone knows President’s Day is a federal holiday and outside of Government offices, schools, banks and a few selective business’ the majority of the US is grinding away helping the economy.

But what is a POTUS to do? Well for POTUS Joey he took a weekend super-secret trip to Europe, hopped on a 10-hour train ride to visit Ukrainian President Zelenskyy and by doing this, GOP’ers along with certain “media” had their feelings hurt that they weren’t told of this.

But what did other POTUS’ do on Presidents Day during their term?

I did a little searching and used various President Days from the past three POTUS’ and here’s what I found:

  • Feb 15, 2021 – POTUS Joey’s first PD in office he gave small speech about “unity and a spirit of public cooperation.”
  • Feb 18, 2019 – POTUS Donnie declared a national emergency along the Mexican border which in turn caused protests and a handful of Western States file a lawsuit against his administration.
  • Feb 20, 2017 – POTUS Donnie was golfing at his West Palm Beach golf course while folks around the country were holding “Not My President” rallies.
  • Feb 17, 2014 – POTUS Barry was out n’ about defending his Recovery Act agenda from 2009.
  • Feb 15, 2010 – POTUS Barry was traveling around pushing his new Jobs Recovery policy.

As I said, I was just looking around but majority of the time on President’s Day, a sitting POTUS ain’t hanging around looking for a BBQ.

So, what did POTUS Joey’s detractors want him to do? Go hang out and fight former POTUS Jimmy over Tapioca pudding.

Seriously, anyone can find something to complain about any sitting POTUS and what they aren’t doing. Hell, people are now complaining that POTUS Joey wasted a couple million dollars shooting down balloons. The very same balloons they wanted shot down to begin with!

Of course, everyone wants POTUS Joey to visit East Palestine, especially after Dept Transportation Pete flub an easy fix.

Here’s a serious question and I’ve asked this many times for any major event; do the people of “Backyard, USA” really need to see a sitting POTUS days after an event?

IMO, absolutely not. These folks want to see their insurance agents, they want to see utilities getting started back up, they want to see construction vehicles clearing debris from roads and waterways. They want to know where they are going to stay, when/if they are going to receive a paycheck, and etc.

I mean, ain’t the issue of East Palestine about all that and not becoming a PR/Campaign stunt? Or had that begun 24 hours after disaster struck?

And to those in “Media” who are crying foul about POTUS Joey not visiting East Palestine aren’t you the ones that often quote POTUS Ronnie Reagan’s “The top 9 most terrifying words in the English Language are: I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.”

So ya want government there to help only when it’s necessary yet trash it at all costs in between.

And for the barking about PR stunts, is that not what POTUS Donnie done did?

Pretty much that’s exactly what he did.

All the crying from people on Social Media that POTUS Donnie handed out expired “Trump Water” must’ve misread the label., because it wasn’t expired it was the same water served at all Trump locations.

But hey, when one bratty fit stop working and ya can’t hold your breath any longer, ya gotta have one ready to roll; Let’s protest McDonalds.

AUGH, protests truly don’t hurt and who cares if POTUS Donnie bought all the Happy Meals for the East Palestine Fire, Police and Emergency Services folk. Why do you care?

Simply because everyone needs to have a complaint or just shrug their shoulders and turn away. Nope it’s beneath our American way of life to be free and stomp feet, hold breathe, while wiping snot from your nose like a child over nothing.

Now back to the original question, was this a good or bad week for POTUS Joey?

I’d say it’s par for the course of any given day for a sitting POTUS.

That’s it, slap the tap, pass the stale unsalted peanuts, pay your political tab and wait for the next gripe to happen.

Oh wait, it’s tax season, time to fill out that “postcard tax form” we were promised 7 short years ago.



















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