FEC revises rules for candidates drawing salaries from campaigns (Roll Call)


    FEC revises rules for candidates drawing salaries from campaigns – By Daniela Altimari (Roll Call) / Dec 15, 2023

    Top allowable pay reduced, but candidates may be able to draw funds sooner

    Advocates for working-class candidates are applauding a new Federal Election Commission rule that makes it easier for those running for Congress to draw salaries from their campaign accounts.

    The rule, approved Thursday by a bipartisan vote of 5-1, more accurately reflects the demands of running for federal office, which typically require full-time campaigning for a year or more leading up to the election, said Shana M. Broussard, a Democratic member of the FEC.

    “The change … would help ordinary working-class Americans to represent their communities by running for federal office,” said Broussard, who led the drive for the rule change.

    It was requested by Nabilah Islam Parkes, a Democrat from Georgia who ran for Congress in 2020. She gave up a full-time job and benefits to challenge Rep. Carolyn Bourdeaux in the Democratic primary. Bourdeaux was renominated, but lost the general election to Republican Rep. Rich McCormick.

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