Federal appeals court nixes Indiana’s voter registration purge law (TribLive)


    Federal appeals court nixes Indiana’s voter registration purge law – By Associated Press (TribLive) / July 20 2021

    INDIANAPOLIS — A federal appeals court has sided with opponents of an Indiana law aimed at having elections officials immediately purge voter registrations for people who appear to have registered in another state.

    The decision released Monday upholds an order issued by an Indianapolis-based judge that blocked the law enacted in 2020 from taking effect. The appeals court disparaged the law adopted by the Republican-dominated Legislature as an attempt to get around court rulings against a similar 2017 law.

    The revised law dropped a much-criticized national voter database started by Kansas officials in favor of Indiana election officials collecting voter registration information from other states to compare with Indiana’s. The Chicago-based 7th Circuit Court of Appeals called the change “different window dressing” that was “largely cosmetic.”

    The court faulted Indiana’s revised law for still violating the National Voter Registration Act by allowing county elections officials to remove voters from registration rolls without receiving consent from that person or notifying the voter and letting two federal elections pass without the person voting.

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