Fla. teachers protest for more money, school funding (OANN)


    Fla. teachers protest for more money, school funding – By OAN Newsroom (OANN) / Jan 14 2020

    Florida educators are challenging state officials to improve their education system. Thousands of protesters gathered at the state capitol in Tallahassee Monday to pressure state lawmakers to boost Florida’s education budget.

    Florida’s Education Association wants to increase the $1 billion budget proposed by Governor Ron DeSantis to $2.4 billion, which would give teachers and staff a 10 percent raise. Teachers fear the current budget is not enough and some believe other resources are being neglected.

    “Well, I think the most important thing is to think about the kids and the schools, the conditions in the schools. We have cut arts programs. We don’t have enough counselors. We don’t have enough specialists for kids who have special needs.”
    — Bill Hudson, Teacher – Florida

    Concern for the governor’s proposal to raise teacher’s minimum starting salaries to a little more than $47,000 has frustrated seasoned teachers. In some cases, teachers that have been working for as long as 15 years don’t even make $47,000 a year.

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