‘Flagpoling’: How immigrants leave Canada to stay in Canada (National Post)


    ‘Flagpoling’: How immigrants leave Canada to stay in Canada – By Bobby Hristova (National Post) / Nov 30 2019

    Flagpoling occurs when temporary residents of Canada cross the border, then immediately turn around to receive immigration services at a port of entry

    Farnoush Dehghnan immigrated from Iran to Canada, looking for the “freedom to be herself.”

    She started as a 30-year-old international student in 2016, studying fashion and design at George Brown College. When it came time to apply for her first internship two years later, she needed a work permit.

    Dehghnan had 10 days to get the paperwork if she wanted to remain in the program. But a visit to the school’s international student advisor revealed that if she applied in Canada, she might have to wait 90 days just to get a response.

    That’s when Dehghnan realized the only way she could stay in the country she loved so much was to leave it … temporarily.

    Four days later, in a race against time, after preparing all her documents, she and her husband woke up before sunrise at 5 a.m.

    They drove, from Toronto to the Rainbow Bridge in Niagara Falls, Ont.

    Her husband dropped her off near the border and spent the day in a parking lot, anxiously waiting in his car.

    Alone, Dehghnan walked to America.

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