Florida’s new voting law has elections supervisors stumped (Axios)


    Florida’s new voting law has elections supervisors stumped – By Ben Montgomery (Axios) / June 18 2021

    State Republicans’ stab at election reform has confused the hell out of the 67 county elections supervisors from around Florida.

    What’s new: The supervisors vented at a summer conference Wednesday with Florida Division of Elections director Maria Matthews at Tampa’s Water Street Marriott.

    • “We’re all still struggling with how vague some of the new things put into law are,” Okaloosa County election supervisor Paul Lux told the Tampa Bay Times. “We need answers.”

    The state of play: If supervisors are confused about SB 90, which is already facing four separate lawsuits, voters likely will be too.

    • “Some of this is unworkable. Some of it just doesn’t make much sense. Some of it seems to disenfranchise voters,” Leon County supervisor Mark Earley told the Times.

    The big picture: Since the state’s 2020 election was a resounding success, some elections supervisors are calling the law, originally 400 pages, a solution looking for a problem.

    Go deeper: Read the bill for yourself

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