Fox News Ratings Plummet After Election. Is President Trump’s Criticism the Cause? (TIME)

    SCRANTON, PENNSYLVANIA - MARCH 05: President Donald Trump participates in a Fox News Town Hall event with moderators Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum on March 05, 2020 in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Among other topics, President Trump discussed his administration's response to the Coronavirus and the economy. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

    Fox News Ratings Plummet After Election. Is President Trump’s Criticism the Cause? – By David Bauder (AP News) / Nov 24 2020

    (NEW YORK) — In a bizarre video retweeted Tuesday by President Donald Trump, a sinister-looking Randy Quaid is seen in a closeup with flashing lights illuminating his bearded face as he intones, “Fox News daytime ratings have completely collapsed.”

    Did the actor, who posted his proclamation nearly two weeks ago, know what he was talking about?

    Fox’s daytime viewership dropped 32 percent from the two weeks prior to Election Day to the two weeks after, the Nielsen company said.

    The post-election, weekday average daytime viewership of 1.63 million was roughly equivalent to that of CNN (1.68 million) and MSNBC (1.71 million). CNN was up 33% and MSNBC up 9% during that time period, Nielsen said.

    It’s not unusual for a cable news network popular with fans of a certain candidate to see its audience to drop off when that candidate loses; MSNBC’s ratings briefly collapsed four years ago when Trump defeated Democrat Hillary Clinton.



    1. For those who are completely disgusted with Fox News………

      Including their fake, biased, polls before the election…….And, their supposedly “unbiased moderator” for the first debate…….

      Go to the news stations that most Conservatives have moved to……Which is Newsmax and OAN.

      Newsmax is now available through most cable/satellite providers. Go to their site to see if yours is one of them!! And, even yours is not………You can download their app for free and watch all of their programs!!

      You will be very happy that you made the move!!


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