‘Frightening rate’ of children dying due to parents’ drug abuse (Triblive)


    ‘Frightening rate’ of children dying due to parents’ drug abuse – By Deb Erdley (Triblive) / Dec 17, 2023

    Four days after Christmas 2020, Hannah Moore felt horror like no other when she awoke to find her 2-month-old daughter’s cold, lifeless body nestled next to her in bed, inches away from her other two children.

    Traces of blood trickled from Avery Davis’ mouth and nose as Moore frantically dialed 911. Her father-in-law, who was staying with the family in their home just north of Kittanning, desperately performed CPR on the ashen child.

    In the days that followed, Moore learned from the Armstrong County Coroner’s Office that Avery’s death likely was the result of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. That changed two weeks later when authorities appeared on Moore’s doorstep with a toxicology report. It showed amphetamine, a prescription stimulant, and methamphetamine, a highly addictive stimulant, in Avery’s body.

    State police charged Moore, 32, with criminal homicide. They alleged Avery died by drinking breast milk poisoned as a result of her mother’s illicit drug use.

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