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Gary Cohn Kept Job Report Data From Trump (Newsweek)


Politico: Gary Cohn Kept Job Report Data From Trump
By Joe Crowe (newsmax.com) / June 4 2018

Gary Cohn, during his tenure as National Economic Council director, did not deliver jobs report data to President Donald Trump until shortly before the data was released, Politico’s Morning Money reported.

Cohn was worried that the president could not help but tweet about the data beforehand, the report said.

Trump tweeted about the May jobs report one hour before the data was released, which led to markets popping up higher because of Trump’s tweet, Politico’s Ben White wrote Friday.

Rules forbid federal officials from saying anything about jobs report data until an hour after the data is released, the Politico report noted.

“He’s now created a scenario in which traders will be looking for Trump tweets each jobs Friday. Does no tweet mean a bad number is coming? He’s inserted a new variable where none should exist,” White and Aubree Eliza Weaver wrote in the Morning Money report.




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