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German Security Service Reports Sharp Uptick in Islamist Radicalization


With an uptick in radicalization, sure you can ban travel, suspend immigration, but how do you stop it from happening online? How far will big brother go in Europe when it comes to spying on folks at the coffee house – PB/TK

Berlin (CNSNews.com) – Germany’s intelligence officials have announced an uptick of hundreds of people in the “Islamic radical scene” in a matter of months, saying young people were largely becoming radicalized online.

The domestic security and intelligence agency (BfV) reported that the number of people who had been radicalized had risen from only about 100 in 2013 to around 1,600 now. It said the number had “jumped by several hundred” in a matter of months.

Of the 1,600 radicalized Islamists currently living in Germany, the BfV said some 570 were considered “dangerous” – capable of planning a terror attack.

The revelation came as the German cabinet approved sweeping proposals for stricter measures to combat the increased threat, such as broadening surveillance and ensuring faster deportations of rejected asylum-seekers.

Last week the government of Bavaria approved a ban on Islamic religious clothing such as full-face veils in public spaces. The state’s Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann said such garb hindered public safety by obscuring communication.

The measures being taken and proposed are motivated by security concerns, but are to some degree also likely politically driven, as parties scramble to lure votes from the anti-Islam, anti-immigrant AfD ahead of federal election in September.

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