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Getting Rich Off Left-Wing Activism


POTUS Donnie making Lefties wealthier each and every day just by sitting in the Oval Office and you’re helping them out by buying into every piece of material, be it voice or banner. Gotta a gimmick and people will pay- PB/TK

Getting Rich Off Left-Wing Activism by ELEANOR CLIFT 02.15.17 1:00 AM ET

John Hlinko’s wife calls it “the house that Trump built.”

They could afford the historic Tudor-style residence in Washington’s tony Georgetown thanks to Donald Trump’s candidacy and the traffic it generates to Left Action, a hub for progressive causes founded by Hlinko, a wannabe stand-up comic who is finding that left-wing activism in the Trump age can be a lucrative calling.

“It’s like the sleeping giant has been awakened,” Hlinko said, describing the heightened interest in the progressive organizations and nonprofits that are his clients. Left Action’s active list of 750,000 names in November has ballooned to 2 million. “I’ve never seen so many people getting active in politics, smart, creative people who were never political. Suddenly a switch is turned on.”

With business up and people outraged by Trump, Hlinko and his architect wife, Leigh Stringer, wanted a place that would serve as “the path of most resistance,” where they could hold fundraisers and have a couple hundred people over at a time. The Georgetown house they bought last June, when Trump wrapped up the Republican nomination, was originally a church, so it has cathedral ceilings and is spacious inside, perfect for parties.

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