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‘Ghost Gun’ Company Got a $400K Government Bailout—After Feds’ Raid (The Daily Beast)


‘Ghost Gun’ Company Got a $400K Government Bailout—After Feds’ Raid – By Justin Rohrlich (The Daily Beast) / June 14 2021

Last December, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) raided a Dayton, Nevada, company called Polymer80. The 10-year-old firm sells complete “Buy Build Shoot” kits, which come with all the necessary parts needed to make your own gun—except serial numbers.

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These so-called almost-guns are also known as “ghost guns” because they’re untraceable. Attractive to criminals for their anonymity, Polymer80 guns have been used in “hundreds of crimes throughout the United States,” according to the ATF warrant, listing, among other infractions, kidnapping, carjacking, domestic violence, robbery, and homicide.

One example included in the warrant concerned two Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department deputies who were ambushed and shot in an apparently unprovoked attack while sitting in their patrol vehicle. “The firearm used in the attack was identified as a Polymer80, model PF940c, handgun,” the warrant states.

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