Governors caught flatfooted by Biden’s mask reversal (FOX News)


    Governors caught flatfooted by Biden’s mask reversal – By Matt Leach (FOX News) / May 17 2021

    Ricketts: We need to see better communication from the Biden administration

    Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts said he found out about the CDC’s new guidance declaring it safe for most fully vaccinated Americans to stop wearing masks and end social distancing practices through news reports, not from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or President Biden’s administration.

    “I found out about it in the news, just like the general public did,” Ricketts, a Republican, told Fox News in an exclusive interview.

    FILE: Dr. Rochelle Walensky, speaks during an event in Wilmington, Del. (AP)

    Ricketts compared the lack of communication over the new mask guidance to the confusion surrounding the CDC’s decision to abruptly pause jabs of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine after reports that the vaccine may have resulted in blood clots for a small group of recipients. “This is similar to what happened to when they did the Johnson & Johnson pause. We did not get a heads-up that that was coming.”

    Rickett’s lamented the need for better communication from the White House.


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