Has Congress always been this poorly behaved? (Scripps News)


    Has Congress always been this poorly behaved? – By Amber Strong (Scripps News) / Jan 26, 2024

    Lately, there’s been some questionable conduct from members in Congress. Is there still room for decorum on Capitol Hill?

    From threats of violence to language you probably wouldn’t use in front of your mother, there’s been an uptick in rowdy behavior from our nation’s lawmakers. But is it new?

    Earlier this month, Rep. Nancy Mace made headlines when told Hunter Biden, the son of President Biden, that he had no testicles … but in a more colorful way.

    “You are the epitome of White privilege coming into our committee, spitting in our face,” said Mace.

    In November, Sen. Markwayne Mullin of Oklahoma, a former MMA fighter, challenged Teamsters President Sean O’Brien to a brawl right there in the Senate.

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