Hollywood Producer Discusses China’s Movie Industry Influence (VOA News)


    Hollywood Producer Discusses China’s Movie Industry Influence – By Si Yang (VOA News) / Oct 16 2020

    WASHINGTON – China’s massive movie market means the Communist Party can pressure Hollywood to produce films that will soar in the country’s box office and avoid those that may displease Beijing.

    At a time when there is increasing scrutiny on how Hollywood bends to China’s censorship, Chris Fenton, a longtime Hollywood executive who witnessed how Beijing’s political preferences have shaped the movie industry, published a memoir: Feeding the Dragon: Inside the Trillion Dollar Dilemma Facing Hollywood, the NBA, and American Business.

    During his tenure as the president of DMG Entertainment, Fenton produced 21 films, many of which tried to navigate the tension between artistic independence and Hollywood’s desire to access China’s booming market. He recently spoke with VOA about how Hollywood movie executives responded to Beijing’s influence campaign. The remarks have been edited for clarity.

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