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How many have a debate hangover this morning?


How many have a debate hangover this morning? I only ask because I believe there was a lot of drinking around ‘Murica last night during the final Presidential debate as it went from a calm demeanor to the regularly scheduled chaos we’ve come accustomed too as of late

I give FOX’s Chris Wallace huge kudos for being the example of how a moderator should be portrayed. Yes there were times when Hillary and Donnie went off the rails with interruptions or off topic and he did his best to rein them in, yet it was the substance of the questions that he did his expected best. However, as I’ve said during every debate, there is a real need for shock collars on candidates and kill switches on the microphones to help keep certain decorum of the individuals.

I’m truly thinking of starting a write-in campaign to the Presidential Debate Committee concerning debates as I have had better debates with my 10 year old about time limits on his Xbox 1! #killswitchoncandidatemicrophones

Everyone who watched has their favorite moment, but for some reason the “Nasty Girl” interruption as well as Donnie’s “non-committal” comment are making the rounds for those that Monday Morning QB the debates.

One, if Donnie could’ve called Hillary a “bitch” he would’ve but I don’t see the huge fuss over the statement another then it being another example of Donnie not knowing or being able to control his mouth.

Secondly, the “non-committal” over the election results should’ve been expected, so why the surprise? Other than it shows (again) how he and Mikey Pence are not on the same page because Mikey had stated earlier that “they” will accept the outcome.

Hillary or “Robo-Hillary/Hillary-bot” was her normal self. I’d say she had “Resting Bitch Face” but Botox doesn’t allow such expressions.

In the end, there is no way the 3rd debate helped the undecided voter make a decision! All the supporters or haters are gonna vote their will, the undecided’s will hold their collective breathe, raise their nose in the air and blindly make a choice while reciting a bible verse or something of encouragement!

One the topic of voter fraud that always makes the news weeks before Election Day, Fox News’ Chris Stiwalt stated it best with “Donnie is down by 8 points of the whole country was Chicago there’s not enough voter fraud to make up that difference.” Now that doesn’t mean there will fraud, but it means that if going by the polling numbers, the amount needed would be impossible to happen. Yeah there’s fraud, Texas is currently going thru an investigation too which they are finding the “problem” is happening with write-in balloting where one person is witnessing multiple ballots when law states a person can only witness one ballot. Per the investigation the issue is deep at locations such as Nursing Homes where a nurse is witnessing multiple patient ballots. So why not pat for a Notary official to go to these locations and stamp each ballot?

I do have one question concerning the Election Day results; What are the chances of Donnie appearing on the following WWE Raw after Election Day as a thank you to Linda McMahon’s $6 million contribution to his campaign and support PAC’s if he wins?

In the end, I’m so proud to have two childish immature non-mannered moronic people running to want to represent the US

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