How scammers are using unemployment claims to cash in (USA Today)


    How scammers are using unemployment claims to cash in – By Susan Tompor (Detroit Free Press) / May 30 2020

    As if losing your job or a string of paychecks during a coronavirus-related furlough isn’t stressful enough, now those who file for unemployment benefits are being warned to watch out for professional crime rings.

    And the crooks could create headaches for you, too, even if you’re lucky enough to still be working or perhaps even retired.

    Add this to a long list of COVID-19 headaches.

    Across the country, consumers are being warned that fraud is on the rise relating to jobless claims. The U.S. Secret Service has already spotted trouble in Florida, Washington, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Oklahoma and Wyoming.

    “It is extremely likely every state is vulnerable to this scheme and will be targeted if they have not been already,” according to the Secret Service alert issued May 14.

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