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How’s that ‘God’s army’ caravan of truckers thing going? (Daily Kos)


How’s that ‘God’s army’ caravan of truckers thing going? – By Walter Einenkel (Daily Kos) / Feb 2, 2024

Ted Nugent and Sarah Palin showed up Thursday at a rally in Dripping Springs, Texas, for the “Take Our Border Back” trucker convoy that’s en route to the U.S.-Mexico border, whose participants have dubbed themselves “God’s army.” NBC affiliate KXAN reports there were “mixed messages” among the speakers about the convoy’s goal—and Nugent and Palin didn’t help clear anything up in that department.

The former Alaska governor went on a classic Palin run, babbling about “every violation of our charters of liberty that’s going on right now. Article 1, Article 4, different clauses in our charters of liberty.” While there is no way to know exactly what Palin was referring to, it’s important to note that the New York Charter of Liberties, written in 1683, isn’t a part of our Constitution: It’s a predecessor document with some similarities. But wow—does she live in Alaska or 17th-century England?

After describing Nugent as “ridiculously patriotic,” Palin ceded the stage to the racist rocker, who played a loud note on his guitar and then launched into Second Amendment schtick, saying America’s problems can be blamed on “compromise bullshit” and letting “the snakes take over our country.”

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