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I hate the whole ‘100 days’ notion


A POTUS serves 1460 days in a term, yet we focus on the first ‘100 days’ as a standard that will speak for how those remaining days will go… That’s bullsh*t.

The Media’s love affair of a POTUS’ first ‘100 days’ is nauseating but it’s really the candidate’s fault for their exhaustive reporting. No I’m not mocking POTUS Donnie’s first 100 days. No I didn’t mock POTUS Barry’s first 100 days. But pundits eyes are rolling in the spin of offense/defense for their favorite son.

Yep, think about how many candidates have made the claim of what they plan to accomplish in those ‘100 days’ and how many never hit the mark even with both Congressional Houses in your pocket.

Yes a POTUS can accomplishment many things in ‘100 days,’ big or small, but it’s those issues they pushed on the campaign trail that has a pundit’s focus. Hell, Hannity kept a ticker on his FOX show of “Promises Broken” for POTUS Barry’s first ‘100 days.’ Was it fair then? Is it fair now?

So who do we blame for this trend? Well we gotta go back to #32, Frankie Roosevelt because he is the originator of all this hoopla.

POTUS Frankie came in with a breathe of fresh during the Great Depression; people were orgasmic of a new face, new idea, a constant smile, and yes he pushed many plans in those with the backing of a Congress that would do anything. And right there is the reasoning of the media madness of a POTUS’s beginnings.

It’s like a new puppy; they make you happy when you are sad, they cheer you up and make you feel warm. And a new POTUS is just like that; new ideas, lots of (ass) kissing that makes people want to go out and buy/sell/trade that makes business owners have a new skip, but just like a new puppy, a new POTUS can shit on the rug one too many times that you become glum and want to rub their nose it.

OK that might be a bit extreme, but then again that’s what Media (sorry majority of people don’t get their news from Media any longer it’s all commentator and pundit driven).

Candidate Donnie’s promises of ‘yuge’ accomplishments that will happen in his first ‘100 days’ have u-turned as those countdown now that he is POTUS. Yeah everyone can dream, but when people put their hops in your dreams you better produce.

That’s not saying POTUS Donnie hasn’t produced, yes he has, some for the good/bad and that’s par for the course but does he have a handicap too which I’m talking about Congress?

You would think with Congress and POTUS sharing the Party logo they can do whatever their hearts desire, but some within the party refuse to give and too me that’s a good thing. We do not need good little boys and girls that fall in line because it’s the right thing to do. No, we need people that will question and work with opposition to get things accomplished; keeping a hardline stance only creates gridlock and we’ve had way too much of red light sitting.

I expect a POTUS to work with ALL Congress to accomplish task, to be a referee, to be an arbitrator, to wheel and deal, so if that person needs to flip-flop then so be it.

So take your first ‘100 days’ and shove it. Get to work, Get it done. Be the dealmaker you claim to be, ya got 1360 days left on the job

That’s it, poor a ‘yuge’ coffee kegger and get the day rollin’





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