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“I” is for Impeachment but is that good enough for you?


“I” is for Impeachment but is that good enough for you?

We’re only 6- weeks into POTUS Donnie’s first term and folks are already crying for impeachment. Come on, the guy hasn’t even finished the first roll of Presidential Charmin nor truly done anything yet to even call for Impeachment. Are you folks are tripping over stupidity?

Do any of you even understand the rules of Impeachment?

Hell I’d wager that the majority of folks know more about the rules of Fight Club then anything about the Impeachment process.

It starts in the House and ends in the Senate too which the GOP HOLDS THE NUMBERS AND THERE’S NO WAY THEY’D IMPEACH THEIR OWN.

Sure we can debate all the times POTUS Donnie mocked POTUS Barry on Twitter for weekend golf trips, even though many were local trips with businessmen, celebrities and members of Congress yet doing the same, just his gold outings are 993 miles away.

Sure we can debate how Grampa Joe Biden charged the Secret Service $2,200/monthly in rent to use the cottage house next door to his Wilmington, Delaware home (2011-2016) in comparison to the $250,000/monthly rent POTUS Donnie is charging for a floor at Trump Tower.

Or how it costs roughly $180,000/hour to fly Air Force 1 and a single flight from DC to Palm Beach is 2 hours (or round trip equals 4 hours) and in 7 weeks in office the bill has run up to near $3 million and if we did some common core math and POTUS Donnie keeps that schedule, his first year weekend travel tally would be around $37 million. Now reports have had POTUS Barry’s air travel in 8 years at around $85 million…

Holy crap this is turning into a giant Common Core homework assignment and yes I’m ranting!

Point is STFU about how POTUS Donnie not taking a Presidential paycheck is offsetting anything he is doing because the math just ain’t there.

Does anyone get away to Camp David anymore to relax or has it just become a symbol of unused presidential luxury to taxpayers for upkeep?

I’m not thrilled about POTUS Donnie. I’ve got the same amount of enthusiasm for him as I did for Hillary Clinton, so really the expectation bar is set extremely low for me. Yet I find so much humor in watching society flip their poles as once offended is now the defensive and no one truly accepts the hypocrisy of it.

Or maybe the blinders are strapped on a way to tight to see.

That’s it, slap the tap and pay your political tab!



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