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Impeachment is more slogan than action


“Make A Hole… Make It Wide”

Over the weekend I decided to revisit some of my old mumblings/rants of yesteryear and oh my how times have changed.

No not really; same bullshit just different players

I started writing/blogging nearly 20 years ago; the first year or so was about pro-wrestling gibberish before taking a break to become a news junkie, all of which leads me to where I am today.

Everything I’ve written between the old Big Poppa Politics blogspot page to this the third year of Politically Brewed has been about my observations of a news junkie in our political arena. It’s just a condensed version so an individual can complete that observation during the average crap.

There’s really no difference between pro wrestling and politics; it’s all kayfabe for both your entertainment and your checkbook. Whomever the political face you may cheer is the one who’s taking your cash, because outside the Capitol halls they’re all drinking from the same bottle.

Which somehow leads me to the infamous “I” word. Yes Impeachment has become a cash cow of sorts for both Parties.

Mention <insert word> and people will buy the merchandise regardless of price

Repeal Obamacare = All merchandise sold out.

Impeach ? and the Social Media ads are immediate, plentiful and have overpriced shirts for you to sport.

Impeachment has become such a dirty word over the past 3 Presidencies that there are too many citizens gullible enough to chant whichever Party mantra concerning it.

Impeachment talk during a campaign cycle helps those who are trying to enact it. Hell, back in 2006 people were calling for Bush 43 to be impeached over misleading information that led the US into the Iraq War plus throw in screams about warrantless wiretapping and people were (well Dem’ers) all riled up.

Yep, some folks like Minnesota Keith Ellison road that bandwagon all the way to victory in Nov 2006 and then “poof” just mumbled their way through their first term only too bring the idea up when their campaign was short on funds.

Who remembers HR 1258 in June 2008?

That would the DEM’ers attempt to impeach Bush 43 or as correctly titled “Impeaching George W. Bush, President of the United States, of high crimes and misdemeanors” led by on DEM’er Rep Dennis Kucinich.

Yeppers, that little fella from Ohio who tried to run for POTUS twice (2004 & 2008) introduced that bill a few months after dropping out of the POTUS race and while trying to save his House seat.

And if we skip forward to 2012 and 2014 o when many GOP’ers rallied to Impeach Obama on multiple reasoning from Benghazi to Immigration to Obamacare. It became battle cries for people to give them money so they can stay and clean up DC, even though they were part of the cause to begin with.

Oh GOP’ers came close in 2014, but couldn’t finish the job when filing a lawsuit to stop Obamacare. No No don’t go blaming Justice Roberts for actually reading and interpreting law.

Funny, i just thought of it, ever since GOP’ers failure to slash Obamacare in 2016-2017, more for the fact they had no plan of their own, it’s rarely mentioned these days. But hey, it’s still early this 2020 campaign season.

I didn’t think the DEM’ers had the guts to finally implement plans to Impeach POTUS Donnie after 36+ months of talking about it, but I guess after so many partisan commentators calling them p*ssies for so long, it was time to show some strength.

But was it worth it?

For all the Impeach Bush 43 or Obama talk and your money going to some politician who “promise” they’ll do the job, they’ll handle it yet do nothing but fall in line with Party, is it worth giving that person a taxpayer funded paycheck?

Are we so hypocritical with a “Party Above All” mentality even though crying while reciting the Constitution and calling for political fairness that we’re ready to attack any individual that steps out of line?

Have we’ve become such lemmings to a Party that even though a POTUS may hold the smoking gun and the body lies at his/her feet, we’re quick to defend and give save space.

Is it really worth lose of dignity, knowing your Party lacks any individualism or morals because at the end of the day that Party owns the majority rule?

Well POTUS Donnie or any DEM’er running in 2020, you better get your defense team and budget in place because come January 21, 2020, your Impeachment process begins.

That’s it, slap the tap and pay your political tab because the fools DC keeping running up their tab (National Debt).

And for shits and giggles, here some old mumbles for you:






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