In multiple countries, alarm over hunger crisis rings louder (AP News)


    In multiple countries, alarm over hunger crisis rings louder – By Eissa Ahmed, Tameem Akhgar and Sam Magdy (AP News) / Nov 19 2020

    ABS, Yemen (AP) — The twin baby boys lay on a bed of woven palm leaves in a remote camp for displaced people in Yemen’s north, their collar bones and ribs visible. They cried loudly, twisting as if in pain, not from disease but from the hunger gnawing away at them.

    Here, U.N. officials’ increasingly dire warnings that a hunger crisis is growing around the world are becoming reality.

    U.N. agencies have warned that some 250 million people in 20 countries are threatened with sharply spiking malnutrition or even famine in coming months.

    The United Nations humanitarian office this week released $100 million in emergency funding to seven countries most at risk of famine — Yemen, Afghanistan, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Congo, and Burkina Faso.

    But David Beasley, head of the World Food Program, says billions in new aid are needed. Without it, “we are going to have famines of biblical proportions in 2021,” he said in an Associated Press interview last week.

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