In Sweeping Actions on Climate, Biden to ‘Pause’ Oil and Gas Leasing (The New York Times)


    In Sweeping Actions on Climate, Biden to ‘Pause’ Oil and Gas Leasing – By Lisa Friedman and Christopher Flavelle (The New York Times) / January 27 2021

    WASHINGTON — President Biden on Wednesday will sign a package of executive orders elevating climate change at every level of the federal government, a move that the administration says will put the United States on the path to reducing its share of emissions that are warming the planet.

    © Doug Mills/The New York Times President Biden delivered remarks in the State Dining Room of the White House on Tuesday.

    In an interview Wednesday morning, former Secretary of State John Kerry, Mr. Biden’s international climate change envoy, also said he hopes to see the United States announce new, more ambitious emissions targets “at or before” a summit that Mr. Biden intends to host on April 22, which is Earth Day, although he declined to put numbers to those targets

    “That’s pretty high gear,” Mr. Kerry said, adding, “The United States needs to be as ambitious as possible, because our credibility has been tarnished in these four years we have been absent.”

    Wednesday’s raft of executive orders being signed by Mr. Biden focus on three main themes: job creation, environmental justice and weaving climate change into every facet of the government.



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