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Inconsistent Thoughts – Sept 2, 2022


It’s been a while but then again that’s why it’s called “Inconsistent Thoughts.” because I never know when I’m gonna drop a rant or two and those thoughts can be erratic.

*Pardon me  –  So Former POTUS Donnie is pretty much bribing people to re-elect him in 2024 with this time telling the Jan 6’ers if ya vote him in, he’ll give ya a pardon.

Ok so just about every candidate will make claims of “gonna do this and make that happen” blah blah bs too which the voter ooh-ahh’s over like a dog looking at you pizza slice.

Do these idiot Jan 6’ers deserve pardons? If the evidence is there and Schmuck #1 illegally entered the Capitol building but caused no harm/damage, then there’s no jail and pay a fine. However, if Schmuck #2 illegally entered the Capitol building and did cause harm/damage then their ass belongs in jail just like the former NYPD officer who just got a 10-year jail sentence.

POTUS Donnie claims these are great Americans, former firemen, police officers and military, that are being charged and he’s helped many out “financially” as well.

Hold up w/ that snake oil sale.

Again former NYPD officer given jail term for DOING SOMETHING ILLEGAL does not make him a Great American, maybe in your mind because he was simple-minded enough to fall for your infomercial rhetoric and bought into it.

Then again, you’re a “billionaire” begging people to send you money for your legal defense and they’re dumb to follow your Pied Piper tune


*Back to School – This’ll be quick.

Schools have or are now starting the 2022/2023 school year and thus far we have: 2 million less students enrolled in Public Schools, Teacher Shortages, and Book Bans have all been talked about repeatedly since Mid-July, but hey it’s the beginning of the school and everything for the kids is to be fresh, new, reinvigorating to get them excited about the year. It also means fresh kicks, clothes and bookbags so why not go “bulletproof” for safety reasoning.

Yep, I shit you not, a Texas mom made a bulletproof dress for beginning of the school year.

Ok it’s not completely bulletproofed, but it’s made of Kevlar which is a material in bulletproof vest, yet you get the idea.

Yes, it’s a statement dress in regard to all the school shooting and gun violence and I gotta admit pretty damn slick of an idea, because who knew there was an entire segment of folk missing out on such a fashion. Then I googled and found there’s a whole load of bulletproof gear for the common citizen: leather jackets, biker vest, businessman vest, hoodies, medical lab coat, etc with all clothing lines ranging from kids to adult. Plus, it doesn’t stop at bulletproof, there’s a whole “Stab-proof” line as well and none of this stuff ain’t cheap either, but it’s all fashionable and protective all in one

Now that’s a NIKE commercial just waiting to happen with people getting shoot or mugged or stabbed, but they look good doing it. Hey they could cost save and use footage from Jan 6 or whatever violent protest of the moment.



*2022 Elections  –  Ok I lied that last one wasn’t “quick” but then again it’s my blog so deal with it. Yet, all this leads me to the upcoming 2022 Elections and what the f*ck is going on.

Who else is confused about who’s gonna win in 2022?

I’m still going with my original thoughts of the GOP’ers winning the House by a small margin as well as the Senate by a 1 seat lead, just because stupidity happens and never ever trust Media polling results.

In the past 6 weeks we’ve gone from a “red wave” to a “blue wave” and now to a complete puddle splash because no one knows what’s gonna happen.

Well we know that whomever loses on the Right they’ll cry foul and rigged election just like Sarah Palin did the other day in Alaska. Um, hey Caribou Barbie Alaskans didn’t vote for you because they want Joe Biden, they didn’t vote for you because they don’t want you. It’s true, the folks of Alaska voted in 2020 “Ranked Choice Voting” which if ya don’t know means voters rank the candidates in a preferred choice and ya didn’t make the cut.

Yes it sucks not being liked Sarah, but I think you’ll survive and rake in the cash by crying foul.

And that’s just it, I like the idea of “Rank Choice Voting” because who knows maybe one of the many “PA Daves” that ran in the PA Primary may have beaten Mehmet “I put Salsa on my raw asparagus” Oz!!!!!!

Seriously who puts salsa on the veggie tray? And why aren’t you buying a pre-cut veggie tray when it’s way cheaper? Man, Oz you suck at house finances.

Wait, where was i?

Oh yeah, 2022 Elections is a toss-up and no one should believe their side has the advantage going into November. There’s gonna be a wave of talk, repeating past allegations and many new ones as why not to vote for that guy/gal.

“Mr Entertainment” Mitch McConnell didn’t do the GOP any favors by telling folks be ready for less gains and many loses a few weeks ago and POTUS Joey ain’t helping out the DEM’ers that much either.

But how much can they viewing audience take with Political Ads? Bullshit after bullshit the public is being force-fed and many are succumbing to the partisan ads and not actually listening for themselves.

I beg people to put the “R” and “D” aside and actually listen to the candidates. Ok they aren’t saying much or putting out extensive plans on their campaign’s websites, but please do your research

NO, I SAID DO YOUR RESEARCH! Because many say they are but not actually do so. You’re going by name recognition or by the “R or D” next to their name or because a candidate didn’t fall in line with the Party vote.

But nope, you fall for the tactics of 30 second ads stating “Biden and Democrats just approved to hire 87,000 new IRS agents to breakdown doors of the middle class and take your money……”

First of all, that hiring # of 87,000 wasn’t in the bill. That was an answer months upon months prior to a question of what would the IRS do if they got a budget increase?

People watch re-runs of the “Untouchables” too much and think Elliot Ness is gonna kick in doors. Many of these so-called 87,000 are gonna be doing desk duty and get refunds out faster first and for most.

Yeah, there’s probably gonna be a few audits which will land more on business then public, but there’s not gonna be a chopper in the sky and IRS agents with guns blazin’ outside your overpriced double wide trailer.

Now if you faked a PPP Loan and instead of putting it towards employees and bought a few cars at Barrett-Jackson plus a beach house then yes, you should be scared

If ya got enough time to read these thoughts then you have enough time to do some damn research.



Good Lord, this would be so much easier to record then to type out.

That’s it, slap the tap, pass the peanut bowl, put on your bulletproof college game day gear at the tailgate and pay your political tab (do your research!) and enjoy the Labor Day holiday weekend which was brought to you decades ago by Unions!


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