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Is God a White Supremacist? (Front Page Mag)


Is God a White Supremacist? – By Mark Tapson (Front Page Mag) / Feb 23, 2024

When “anti-racists” look at great art, they see only one thing.

One of the great tragedies of progressivism is that its zealots are in the grip of – to borrow William Blake’s phrase – “mind-forged manacles.” Perpetually aggrieved by social injustice everywhere (real or imagined, past and present), leftists are hindered from finding selfless joy, spiritual transcendence, and wonder in the world by ideological blinders that allow them to see only a world of oppression, exploitation, and existential misery.

Take, for example, the famous image above – Italian Renaissance genius Michelangelo’s glorious Sistine Chapel vision of the moment God sparked life into the First Man, Adam. Whether you are Christian or not, no matter how you believe the world came into being and life began, when you look at this iconic work of art – especially when you are in its actual presence – are you not awed by Michelangelo’s humbling talent, and the painting’s majesty and beauty and power? Are you not drawn to ponder the miracles of creation and life depicted in this meeting of the human and the divine?

When Robin DiAngelo, author of the woke bestseller White Fragility, looks at this masterpiece, what she sees are the scourges of racism and patriarchy.

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