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Is this Ted Cruz’s “Anthony Weiner” moment


Is this Teddy Cruz’s “Anthony Weiner” moment as Twitter goes crazy over night that his account liked a “soft porn” video feed?

Now when I say “Anthony Weiner” I am not suggesting Cruz is sending d*ck-pics to interns or gun-totting soccer moms or is using some really funny alias, nope I’m talking about the avalanche of excuses to come (no pun intended).

If you recall, Anthony Weiner blamed hackers for about a week before his excuse changed again and again before he fessed up. Oh and there’s no coincidence that the Anthony Weiner story has resurfaced this week as the teenage girl involved in one of the many sexting scandals is releasing those conversations while talking to the media.

But back to ‘sweaty’ Teddy, Mister Christian if you will, does this overnight story actually seem to make him human? The man who preaches moral conviction, not just Conservative moral but Christian moral as well, does this bring him down a notch to feel included to many who do/don’t follow him?

How about this, and it’s purely random in thought, but what if ‘sweaty’ Teddy makes no excuse, says he did it and he saw nothing wrong with it? OK the hypocrisy memes would take down the interweb but would that give him a strengthened cred amongst those nationwide that adore him? Would people spit out saying “Media and haters have broken a godly man”

Yeah, forget about it, because I can see a Hannity/Cruz emotional breakdown episode of how he was researching how net neutrality would affect ‘Muricans and the addiction of pornography has led to drug abuse problems in the US only to finish by saying “as President Ronald Reagan once said ‘Let’s Make America Great Again'”

That’s it, Slap your tap and pay the political tab.


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