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It’s A Rant And We’re Too Blame For Our Ills


Damn it, why can’t anything be sacred and all be politicized for one’s personal soapbox. Yeah I’m gonna rant because someone switched my coffee to decaf!

I love the Olympics, especially the Winter Olympics, so tickle me with ‘Ol Glory when I see our Olympic team kicking ass. Yet it never fails in today’s downward society as with any victory there’s gotta be something to break it.

Minutes after winning Gold in his final Olympics, Shaun White gets peppered with questions about allegations of a sexual harassment payout from years past.

And if that wasn’t enough, the interview was considered sexist because they, White and his handlers, only accepted questions from male journalists.

Then there was the nimrod DJ for catcalling 17 yr old snowboard phenom Chloe Kim by calling her a nice piece of ass. Dude, yeah she’s cute but she’s also a minor, it’s like looking at an under-18 yr old actress on tv and saying “she’s hot and gonna be a heartbreaker in a few years.” It’s borderline… Nope it’s just damn creepy

However all the jubilation of the Olympics gets overshadowed by yet another tragic school shooting, I believe the 8th in a very short lived 2018

Yes, prayers are given by many because it’s the cordial thing to do but it doesn’t solve the problem.

The cry of our society’s mental illness is the issue is nothing more than a scapegoat. Hate me if you think I’m wrong, but I ain’t.

Over the decades we’ve had more scapegoats than answers for our problems, especially when it comes to violence and/or suicide.

Tipper Gore’s inner 1950’s housewife come forth in the 1980’s and went on a warpath against Heavy Metal music’s subliminal messaging was telling kids to kill themselves.

Then we jumped ahead and blamed MTV and violent tv for our violent ills only to move that aside to blame Hollywood and video games for kids becoming violent creatures until now, yes we have a new scapegoat in mental illness.

I can’t wait to see what’s to blame in a few years. Hey why not blame the Westminster Kennel Show for dog abuse or NASCAR for auto accidents?

Ya know, yeah it is a NRA issue, since Columbine 1999, there has been a push by both sides of spectrum and I mean $$$$… Sen Cronyn and Rep Murphy both had bills to cover mental illness and gun ownership. Murphy’s was strong and the NRA panned it, they backed Cronyn’s, which actually loosened gun ownership laws but stiffened mental illness laws.

We all agree it’s a mental illness problem and if we stiffen the mental illness laws how many people would be allowed to own a gun when about half the prescriptions written daily have side effects of mood swings all the way to schizophrenia. Hell we’ve got raging alcohols who can purchase a gun, can’t alcoholism cause mental illness “here sir take this breathalyzer test before you purchase your firearm.”

I’m all for second amendment rights, however since most are bought on emotional response I want an added day to the wait period, I want stricter background checks, I want safety courses to be yearly (hell if my car needs inspected yearly or a yearly physical for a CDL driver than why the hell not?). There are too many dumbass careless people who feel ten foot tall and bulletproof because they own a concealed firearm and these are the ones the shot themselves in the foot.

This 19 yr old from Florida had issues, who knows if those issues were brought on by the tragic loss of parents and being transplanted to a city he didn’t fit into, maybe he didn’t have the emotional support many need. Something snapped in his head, just like in Pittsburgh when Alex Hribal went on a stabbing spree at his school in 2015, he was considered typical kid who snapped one day.

So yeah, until the NRA and even the opposition pull their f*cking heads out of their collective ass’ and realize they too are the problem by protecting for membership fees and not protecting reality there’s gonna be more issues.

Oh yeah how many guns did Clinton and Obama physically remove from peoples homes in their 16 years again?

Well now that I got that out of my system there’s another argument to be made about kids and violence that gets away from mental illness and even bully retaliation; the breakdown of the nuclear family.

Yes folks, that’s true well apparently too some radio talkers. Yep kids aren’t coddled enough because both mommy & daddy are working.

Yeppers, because mom and dad gotta work to pay the bills like a mortgage, car & student loan, electric, gas, water, cable and other non-luxury items to keep life moving, little Timmy & Suzie are going to pricey afterschool programs or nanny homes or just plan latchkey kids who go home, lock the doors and watch tv while eating poptarts.

Tell ya what, bring down the cost of living so that a middle class household can survive on one paycheck and maybe life will resemble the Brady’s and Huxtables instead of Roseanne or the Bundy’s.

But there’s a chink in the argument as well, the economic level, not all violent or bully kids come from two income families, they come from the wealthy one mega paycheck household as well.

Come on, you don’t believe the opioid issue happened overnight do ya? It’s been around for years, but until the mega suburbs started to notice why the Xanax or Valium bottle was missing a few pills did it become a national issue.

We can get Congress to debate and push legislation over Tide Pods in a few months but can’t get them to sit down and have comprehensive talks about gun violence in decades

To me, what is more annoying has got to be the base, yes you the constituent. We help drive the wedge in any type of functional talk by not agreeing on the issues, dragging out the pitchforks and lighting bonfires against the opposition because you refuse to listen.

An article came out about how the NRA donated money to a rifle team that Parkland shooter Cruz was involved. People are dissecting the article, arguing about how the NRA is part of the problem or in defensive of their role.

Here’s the funny, well no-so-funny deal; had Cruz been a tree hugging Obama loving millennial liberal who voted for Hillary, the Right would be meme’ing their way across social media with that fact. So why is one right and the wrong, because had Cruz been shown wearing a Trump t-shirt while hanging a bunny threatening illegal immigrants, people would immediately claim “he’s a Liberal plant.”

Everyone needs to shut up, sit back and pay attention to what’s going on. Stop being a partisan soapbox stooge, toss away the D or R that follow a politicians name and actually listen.

That’s it, slap the tap and pay your political tab because I ain’t proofreading and I think I’m a bit incoherent right now



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