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Jeh Johnson Testifies: Russians Did Not Alter Ballot Counts


No kidding Mr Johnson, I think most people have the understanding that the Russians did not alter ballots, however the investigation is how did the Russians influence the US election process by hacking into voter registry (Illinois, RNC files, DNC files have all been hacked and reported by ALL Media) and other methods. – PB/TK

Jeh Johnson Testifies: Russians Did Not Alter Ballot Counts – By Melanie Alter / June 21 2017
(CNSNews.com) – Former Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson told the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Wednesday that the Russian government did not alter ballots, ballots counts, or the reporting of votes in last November’s U.S. presidential election.
In his written testimony Johnson said, “To my current knowledge, the Russian government did not through any cyber intrusion alter ballots, ballot counts or reporting of election results. I am not in a position to know whether the successful Russian government-directed hacks of the DNC and elsewhere did in fact alter public opinion and thereby alter the outcome of the presidential election.”

During questioning by Rep. Mike Conaway (R-Texas), Johnson confirmed that the Russians in no way altered any votes.
“You said in your opening statement, or in your prepared remarks, that to your knowledge, there was no vote-tallying changes–that no one’s vote was, they voted one way and it was recorded some other way. Is that still your opinion with respect to the ‘16 election that the intrusions or attempted whatever it is the Russians or others did not affect the actual voting itself?” Conaway asked.

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