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Johnny Depp Is Lucky He’s a Democrat


It’s kinda funny watching some GOP’ers cry foul about Joe Nobody to Joe Celebrity mocking or making threats against POTUS Donnie, but when people under their umbrella did the same they called it “free speech.”

Look no one should be posting death threats or calling for violent acts against anyone, especially in concerns of the political divide because there is some idiot who’ll take those words into reality and I think we’ve seen enough already in 2017 to last a lifetime.

Of course denouncement of action is simpler then ostracism from Party because those votes are need come election time – PB/TK

Johnny Depp Is Lucky He’s a Democrat – By Joe Simonson / June 23 2017

Poor Johnny Depp.  Despite earning more than $650 million over 13 or so years, he’s gone near broke.  While a rational person might try and cull his $2-million-a-month lifestyle, Depp apparently thought the best way to rehabilitate his image was to tell a half-edgy joke about killing the president.
It looks like death threats are the new sex tapes.  Just ask Kathy Griffin.

But it’s not like you or I could get away with making insinuations or direct threats against the president’s life. For starters, the Secret Service wouldn’t give us the benefit of the doubt because of our celebrity status.  Regular people aren’t allowed to make such jokes and use our eccentricity as cover.
Besides, even if the government decided not to investigate, the left wouldn’t let us live us down.  After all, look at what they’ve done to people guilty of far less.
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