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July 25, 2022 – Today’s Inconsistent Thoughts


It’s been a week or so since the last of my inconsistent thoughts were logged. Hey, there’s been way too much political stupidity happening that one must either had in a corner or take a time out from going completely off the cliff.

1. Not everyone deserves to participate – I’m sure I’m gonna get heat for this one (truly I do not care because who’s actually reading this), yet the story of the family crying foul because a Sesame Street character didn’t stop to say “Hi/wave hello” or stop to hug to their children and slap “Racism” as the reason is complete bullsh*t.

What are we teaching our children when parents call foul and call a lawyer because ‘lil Tommy/Sally didn’t get to hug the clown?

Yes, I’m a parent (thanks for asking) and I never taught my child to act out for not getting picked or receiving a participation ribbon or getting to meet Mr Feathersword and nor did I as a parent call out this type of bullsh*t either

All these parents who call out other parents for not inviting their child or teachers asking not to bring birthday invites to school because others may get upset of not invited needs to stop.

We wonder why young adults cry so much or get emotional when they don’t get something they believed they were deserved to get, blame the parents and society.

Sorry if the mascot walked by there’s many reason: parade needs to speed up, they aren’t allowed to take requested pictures, etc.

Racism is not the cause so shut up

Look just because a bakery won’t make you a certain cake and even offers to call another bakery to help doesn’t mean you need to file a lawsuit.

It’s an old analogy but everyone gets their dreams stomped on every so often but we’re to the point in today’s stupidity that someone is gonna slap a lawsuit on an ice cream shop for bigotry or racism because they are African American who received chocolate sprinkles on their ice cream, or a gay individual gets mad because they used rainbow sprinkles on their banana split as an attack of their character.

Yes this is the sad direction we are heading


2. They’re all guilty – Yes, I have to watch/listen to the Jan 6 Hearings because it’s entertaining. Watching all these folks doing all they can to protect their collective ass only makes me wonder what they were to do had the intentions been successful.

I mean after all, you were still collecting a paycheck after Election Day, while the POTUS Donnie was running around for weeks crying foul, stirring the pot of ignorance and feeding on the simple minded (Come on did you really belief he was gonna pardon you if you got caught?)

Of course, a POTUS, any POTUS, will surround themselves with “Yes” people, many of which have no backbones and really chapped lips, but eventually there’s gotta be one or two who step forward to say “Maybe we need to rethink what just happened….” with no intention of a book deal or network contract after they vacate their position.

Plus with all the technology of course those who coming forth are gonna save every bit of info possible to save themselves and let others drown.

Look at the jackasses in Congress, those that stoked the fire and called those supporters “great Americans,” they were seen either running away from the mob or helping barricade the House floor from being overrun by insanity.

Sure wasn’t funny when a few days later those very same jackasses were saying nothing really happened and they were just “tourists” Hm, sure seems like those “tourists” made you shit your pants and take cover.

3. Are you ready for a revolution – Apparently 1 in 3 Americans polled agree it’s time to take up arms against the US Government.

Are you really ready to do so or is it all just chest thumping to make yourself feel good?

Am I calling for it? hell no, but let’s remember this above all things “We the people” vote these morons into office election after election.

US Government was way too many professional politicians, yet voters are too concerned with the “R” and “D” letters attached to their names.

We control who should represent us in government from townships/cities, state and federal, yet we consistently send the same twits back.

You want term limits, then vote them out during the primary, but you have to listen to what is being said by all candidates. Because if ya just vote them out, you end up with the likes of AOC and MGT, the fringe candidate that’s actually tearing the Parties apart.

Long gone are the Moderates, the true politicians that know how to work a deal and get progress moving.

Long gone are these folks because eventually they are ostricized within the Party or politically broken only to fall in line with the rest and become just a small shadow of their worth

So what’s easier to do; listen to all and pay attention w/o knee jerk reaction on a candidate or something stupid like an insurrection. Oh wait the latter was already attempted and now they’re all crying they were duped.

(https://thehill.com/homenews/3572278-nearly-one-in-three-americans-say-it-may-soon-be-necessary-to-take-up-arms-against-the-government/ )

That’s it, slap the tab, pass the overpriced stall peanut bowl, and remember these are my inconsistent thoughts for my entertainment and they might make sense to others as well



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