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July 29: The Day’s Thought


“I can sum it up in two words: ‘Buy American’ If you give an American worker just a chance, there’s nothing they won’t do.” – President Joe Biden July 28 2021

Well that’s an applause ya got there ‘Sparky’ but what really is “American Made” these days?

Don’t get me wrong, ain’t nothing more American then drinking a Coke, eating some Apple Pie while sitting in your Chevrolet, except when that Chevrolet is built in Canada or Mexico. Yet some will say “It’s American!” regardless

So I guess the argument becomes Geographical? So should the term then be “Buy North American” since majority of US autos are built in our neighboring countries of Canada and Mexico?

Look, I’m not here to tell folks how to spend their hard earned cash, but in today’s ever escalating overly-inflated financial way of life, I’m buying best bang for my dollar.

Hey just look at the ‘Dark Decade’ of the 1970’s: crappy administrations, crappy fashion design, crappy cars, high inflation, high unemployment, high gas prices.

While American cars were big bloated gas guzzling behemoths in the beginning of the ’70s, small cars like the VW Beetle & Datsun 210 were making head away because people were holding onto their cash.

Of course for every VW Beetle sales success, the Big 3 of GM, Ford and Chrysler produced Vegas, Pintos and Colts that fell apart in more ways then one. The Big 3 just made small cars to satisfy a market they knew nothing about.

Ya bet I’m researching what I’m buying these days to spend my money on and if the numbers crunched means I can buy the better of the item, be it American or Asian or European, that’s where my money is gonna go.

And here’s a better reason then just “Buy American,” you’ve got a better chance of that foreign item (especially an automobile) being manufactured in the US then it’s American counterpart.

Plus the fact, by purchasing that product, you’ve given money to help pay the US worker be it retail and manufacturing and shipping/freight and along the line.

So ditch the slogans because as 1970’s fashion shows us, people are more prone to being “IT” then anything else.

That’s it, pass the peanut bowl and pay your political tab…..




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