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July 3, 2022 – Today’s Inconsistent Thoughts


Just a few incoherent thoughts for this July 4th Holiday weekend

By the way: Again, these are my quick thoughts that would sound extremely better in a full-blown verbal rant and No I don’t really care if you’re reading this or not.

1. Loss of Freedoms

Been hearing this for better part of the last two weeks: “We’re losing our freedoms”

But are we truly or is it just one’s political mindset?

Yes, SCOTUS kicking the can so to speak back to individual states to determine abortions rights is bullsh*t in my opinion. It’s chickenshit legislation.

Sure, the Right is jubilant and the Left is pissed off, yet if this were a gun law SCOTUS move it’s the flip of emotion.

The only thing both sides can truly agree on when you combine the emotional knee jerking is that SCOTUS needs a revamp.

Think about it, whenever SCOTUS tosses out their ruling too which either side disapproves, they call for changes. And the only true change that would help is either a “term limit” or an “age limit” for that branch.

But then again, it’ll never happen, hell Congress refuses to put a term limit on their careers

2. It’s the 4th of July weekend

Yeppers it’s that time of year for parades, cookouts, and wearing Ol’ Glory apparel in the most inappropriate way possible.

Or in many cases or parts of the USA, people flying both Ol’ Glory and the Confederate flag side by side in celebration.

(I just don’t get it)

3. School Prayer

First of all, I don’t care about this ruling about the “praying football coach.”

Many moons ago I played sports and never gave a thought about the whole pre/post game prayer with teammates. Half the time I probably stayed silent and kept to myself

It’s not indoctrination. I was raised catholic but stopped going to Church long long time ago.

Yes folks a person can still have a faith and not got to Church; Church is just a symbol, because if you accept a faith in your house then Church is not needed.

But back to this whole notion about prayer at the PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM!!!

If you allow one faith to practice in a public setting, then you have to accept ALL faiths in that setting.

And NO! it’s not indoctrination by any sort.

There have been parents who have pulled their kids out of civics classes because they explored a certain culture and called it indoctrination.

STFU !! This is why we’re probably the biggest ignorant populace on Earth. I’d throw arrogant in there as well. If you don’t learn about it then how do you know about it?

Oh, I forgot, we get the majority of our news from the commentating narrative voice between 6p-10p/M-F.

Let’s do some history shall: The Party that’s out there thumping their chest about protecting one’s faith is also the same Party that pushed against it in the school/public settings roughly beginning around 1875 and if we jump into the more modern age, in 1985. Back then, the GOP voted against then POTUS Ronnie Reagan want for a proposed constitutional amendment to permit organized spoken prayer in the public schools.

So how did we get from 1985 to today? MONEY MONEY MONEY

Make a campaign “promise” and they’ll empty their savings account for you.

Yet I want to go further with this.

Kids you don’t have to pray if you don’t want to.

It’s unconstitutional to force a kid in school to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, but one would at least want that child to stand yet remain silent.

Another perspective is this, you do not attend Church or practice a certain religion BUT out of respect for a family/friend who just lost a loved one, you still attend the Church service and remain silent during the prayer!

It’s a simple little thing called “Manners”

Something a whole generation of folks have lost or never discovered and it’s time for people to start finding some or people to start teaching their children to have some.

That’s it, hold the door for someone, slap the tap, pass the inflation hiked peanut bowl and pay your political tab. Oh and be kind, stop setting off the neighborhood fireworks after 11pm.


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