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July 30, 2021: The Day’s Thought


The other day I was driving along old “main street” and saw a sign in front of a building stating “We Are The Cure”

Now I couldn’t read the very fine print on the sign but it made me wonder… cure for what?

It’s a pretty vague statement as one could think of a couple topics in a matter of seconds; child abuse, homelessness, world hunger, against pumpkin spice latte.

However the establishment has been known for their political ramblings as of late, so is the so-called “cure” that of Covid-19 or some sort of Anti-Mask/Anti-Vax slogan or quite possibly some cheer in a Jan 6th style of anger against the tyrannical government (both local, state, and federal) that has caused oppression across the nation for the past 16 months or just some sort of election conspriracy theory?

Of course when one is driving, you should not be googling/distracting yourself on your phone or with your overly tech clustered dashboard to find out the great mysteries of life but it is most definitely ok to find where the closest coffee shop is.

Slogans are cool, catchy, stick in your melon especially when there’s a jiggle along side it.

But I finally sat down to find out “We Are The Cure” has nothing to do with politics or societal chills or bad flavored coffee, it’s actually a good cause: Cancer

OK, you’re yelling at me for not paying attention to the world, not seeing the obvious and I’ll give you that, but it’s the connection of the sign and establishment…. it’s normally 99% daily political.

So yes, it’s easy to swipe the hand and give a “pfft” to a posting or rally cry when the location is/has become an “issue.”

Is it a place I boycott… No, but I haven’t been there in awhile because the service had gone down the last few times I was there.

I don’t boycott. I simply take my business elsewhere, which when you think of it that’s kinda like a boycott just without expressing to everyone as to why.

Yet makes me wonder about all those folks out there who do boycott; how long does that last?

I mean, do you boycott Target for some odd reason until there’s an incredible sale and you’re running through the door?

Or you’re boycotting Coke because of the Georgia Election argument but finally realize a Rum & Pepsi just don’t mix?

Then again, with the amount of boycotts for political/societal reasoning over time, how has Volkswagen stayed in business for so long (Hey I don’t judge, I owned a Jetta at one point and loved that car)

That’s it, slap the tap and pass the peanut bowl… wait are peanuts gluten free?… Pay your political tab


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