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July 31, 2022 – Today’s Inconsistent Thoughts


Another week and another round of inconsistent thoughts from the week’s obnoxious state of ‘Murican politics:

1/ We need more election conspiracy theories – Leave to Arizona to bring more stupidity to an already filled clown car of US election primaries.

Let’s get this straight, the fine people of Arizona, well ok the few nutty simpleton folk of the ‘Grand Canyon State’ a crying foul over ‘Sharpeis’ being used for ballots.

Why can’t they find a cliff to drive that clown car off of?

Anyway, apparently, it’s 2020 all over again and the thought of using Sharpies gonna ruin ballots and smudge the election machines, thereby deleting their vote.

Who here reading/writing has worked a polling station? Oh wait that would be me and until you have, don’t believe any of the nonsense people state about what happens on election day

As a matter of fact, just as Jury Duty is mandatory so should being a poll worker.

“I heard from a guy who knows a guy, and well, he showed up with his own pen…. ” whine whine bitch bitch moan moan. Blue and Black pens are to be used for ballot voting, just like ya had to use a #2 pencil to take test in school.

A “Sharpie” ain’t gonna ruin your ballot, but you know what does? YOU for not following simple directions Fill in the circle and scan your vote. It ain’t hard folks and for the love of (whichever) God, stop asking when the State is gonna return to the older machines the broke down or froze every time a fly farted across the room.

But then again, with how some voters you might as well sharpen


2/ Rut Roh Raggy, GOP typed a memo – Oh No! Look Out! The GOP’ers hashed out a 72 page rebuke of POTUS Donnie’s continued 2020 Election fibs.

Seriously, they had to actually put something in print? I guess they’re tired of repeating, reverting, re-repeating, re-reverting and re-re-repeating the GOP leader has been spewing for over past 90 weeks.

WTF, 90 weeks ‘Murica has been listening to the same argument, same fibs, same bullshit and each day the GOP has to constantly go off script to answer questions that former POTUS Donnie keeps stating.

OK so they put it in print yet the funny thing is gonna be that many of those GOP’ers holding office keep adding fuel to the fire and agree w/former POTUS Donnie.

Well, mainly it’s to add $$ to their campaign checking account, but it doesn’t help

What I still think is funny that when the late John McCain lost in 2008 and Willard Mitt Romney lost the following election, the GOP dropped them almost immediately. Seriously, wiped from the board and not considered the then leader of the Party, and yet here we are, Donnie’s still the leader and when anyone comes forward to help the GOP back on path, he’s immediately attacking them.

It’s very sad seeing the GOP being bullied from within by a man who doesn’t hold true the Party values. Yes, you can ignore him and he might go away


3/ So you wanna Party elsewhere?  – Looks like a few disgruntled members of the 2 major parties wanna bring together those now-hated political moderates under one tent.

You know these people, the ones that actually get things moving in government without playing to the Party bullshit.

But will this be the “3rd Party” people have been clamoring for?

Would I like to see a viable 3rd Party in this country? Hell Yeah!

Wait let me correct myself as any talk over time about a “viable 3rd Party” is normally brought forth from DEM’ers and GOP’ers who want to get back into the political game and veer that new party to become the caboose of one of the major 2.

Yet we only have to look back a few years at the Tea Party as an example of how a “movement” can become a scare tactic for one party and go straight down the shitter within weeks.

Look the Tea Party aligned themselves with the GOP, because their “values” were closely related, which led to lots of GOP funding, lots of has-been/wanna be trying to get back to DC, which eventually swallowed up the Tea Party and pushed them to the back of the bus

What ever happened to the Tea Party nowadays?

Look a viable 3rd Party is needed, but there’s gotta be some sense of neutrality, some sense of organization and by all means some sense of relevance.

I’m not a member of any Party, my voter registration says “Independent,” but really should say “Non-Affiliated” as many people will call themselves “independent” however will vote Party line. This way there’s no guilt by association when things go wrong.

What everyone needs to do is walk away from any political party. OK, don’t walk but run very very fast.

They only want your money, they need your money and will shake babies while kissing hands all day long until you become useless to them. Which is normally when you’ve given the allotted amount of money to their campaign legally allowed and that’s when the PAC’s come knocking

Just look at those in Congress that call themselves “Independent” but are linked to either DEM’er or GOP’ers? They need the money and that’s the only way they’re gonna stay in the game.

So do you wanna 3rd Party? Well the question should be “Do ya wanna be another pawn for someone else to play with?”


That’s it, slap the tap, pass the stale peanut bowl and get the layaway cart ready for Christmas because you’re better to get that rollback deal now because it ain’t gonna around in 4-5 months




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