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July 31, 2023 – Today’s Inconsistent Thought (Lost Faith In Humanity)


Today I have finally come to terms with my “Lost Faith In Humanity” when it comes to the simplest mannerism of checking on your fellow man/woman.

See the fat guy (that would be me) likes to play around take pics to place on his social media of pretty much everywhere he goes away from home. Eventually, as many have told me, I’m gonna misstep and fall, well today was that day.

I saw the pic I wanted on the beach and all i had to do was climb a few rocks barefoot to get there. Well I had the right intention just forgot that shoes have better traction then bare feet and down i went.

There was at least 10 people within feet of me and not one soul check on me.

So maybe it’s me, as much as I say “I hate people” I’m the boy scout; opening doors, apologizing for bad manners like burping, and so on. I’ve stopped mid-step to help new moms with strollers near steps yet here I am laying on wet sand at the base of a boulder stacked wall only to bounce back up to see people staring upward as if “Oh look a butterfly.”

Led me to wonder what if had I really gotten hurt, would these folks begin thinking “How am I supposed to help this fat guy up all alone?”

We have no action towards our fellow person because if ya didnt see it, it never happened but damn sure I recorded it to post later on TikTok.

Sometimes I wonder what happened to us? I hear about all these “Good Christians” yet never see them act so.

I get it, people are afraid to act because they could make the situation worse and be afraid of a lawsuit. Hell, my company has a policy not to touch a customer that has fallen for you may cause more harm (+ they don’t want to be sued) and it’s a suckass policy as I know some fellow employees have stood still due to policy to feel like complete d-bags afterwards.

But what happened to all those Mr Rogers Learning Moments we grew up with? Have they all been cast aside because many call his teachings part of the “wussification” of ‘Murica?

I’m going to reside that i am one of the few last decent humans alive who is not afraid to ask someone if they are in need of help or open a door/say please & thank you yet still will dislike the many for their lack of social skills and selfishness that has become the norm.

That’s it, slap the tap, keep pretending you’re a good-hearted person when you look in the mirror while paying your political tab to brainless political party you kowtow and give money too.


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