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July 5, 2023 – Today’s Inconsistent Thought (I Hate Primary Season)


Holy Crap it’s really been over a month since I last rambled some inconsistent thoughts and rants? Then again there’s plenty going on to find just enough time for daily headline/liberal/conservative downloads to be read.

Wait, are people actually reading my posts or am I just posting/writing for my own sanity?

Oh well, it makes me happy so be it……

It’s too damn early for primary season to begin

For the time being it appears we’ve got all the POTUS wanna-be contenders all lined up and it’s only the beginning of July 4, 2023!

I mean we’ve only got less then 16 months (489 days if that makes you feel better) till Nov 5, 2024. What could possibly go wrong between now and then.?

POTUS Joey has a challenger in Robert F Kennedy Jr, who seems to be blabbering about Lord knows what all the while posting videos of him doing shirtless pushups (WTF?).

Oh, and I forgot Marianne Williamson is taking another shot as well. So there’s that

Then there’s the GOP’ers bench of has-been, wanna-be, in the game too late contenders + former POTUS Donnie and it’s starting to look like 2016 all over again.

Names like Ted Cruz, Kristi Noem, Marco Rubio and John Bolton are floating around without any commitments but that still leaves 12 names in the sandbox for folks to “listen” too.

Christie, Haley, Pence, Suarez, Scott, Ramaswamy, Johnson, Hutchinson, Hurd, Elder, and Burgum are all trying to get your attention away from DeSantis and Trump media circle jerk.

Trump and DeSantis are the beloved of the Media, yet I truly think they are the worse of the bunch.

With Trump, we’ve been there and done that, so the question is: Does the USA need to another ride on the roller coaster of a man child who takes no blame and all the glory while putting himself in the spotlight of any event that has nothing to do him while selling the notion that all he touches is golden and if it fails well it never did because he’s selling you a Chevy Vega at Chevy Corvette dreams ?

Or do we ride with DeSantis, who to me is boring, fake and has no new ideas while cruising around saying nothing new except for bumper sticker slogans answers for every question. Ya know for a guy who graduated Yale and Harvard, he’s really not that smart.

Wait back that up, he’s smart in knowledge of using gotcha terms without knowing what those terms mean. On other words, bargain basement version of Donnie.

But back to the primaries and the overloaded GOP field resembling 2016.


So, the RNC has returned to 2016 with the conundrum of too many bodies not enough space.

Hey don’t get me wrong, variety is a good thing, especially in politics but what does the RNC do to level the playing field for the first primary debate on Aug 23, 2023?

Simply throw out certain obstacles for each candidate to meet or else they go home, such as:

  1. Candidate must “register” above 1% in 3 major national polls or 2 national polls and 2 of the first 4 States to vote in the GOP caucus / primary.  OK, did you take that all in; some of these candidates just announced their candidacy a few months ago and yes 1% seems fair but really it’s not plus with Donnie sucking in 75% of the media air, how is one gonna make 1% to open the door?
  2. Candidate must bring with them at least 40,000 “unique” donors. All I can say is that ‘unique donor’ is your donor, they ain’t giving a dime to anyone but you. Not to mention that many of this big time ‘unique donors’ dropped their support for Donnie over the past few months, so someone gotta be able to chap their lips for their $ which it look like DeSantis and Christie are ‘fluffing’ the donors.
  3.  Sign your candidacy goodbye.  Apparently the RNC thought it would be a good idea for all candidates to sign a ‘loyalty oath.” If ya haven’t heard this one, well basically all candidates must sign a pledge to support the eventual winning GOP’er. So, all the trash talk of “He’s gonna kill us… His plan sucks.. He has no clue.. blah blah” that happens while campaigning and at debates just means you’re full of shit and need to kiss the Party’s collective ass for some clueless schmuck because it’s Party first no matter the ending result. In other words, the Party doesn’t want another John Kasich situation.

I guess that’s the best way to narrow the tv debate stage but it also sucks for the lower key hopefuls from not being able to get their ideas out to the public.

As we learn time and time again, the Party already knows who the want as a candidate, you’re being led to believe you made the decision.

OK, that’s it, slap the tap, pass the lightly sea salted stale peanuts and pay your political tab or keep reading as I write about a few more things.




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