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June 13, 2022 – Today’s Incoherent Thought


So last week people were flipping sh*t about Matthew McConaughey’s fever pitched soapbox speech from the White House on regards to gun control.

First thing is I’m gonna say is McConaughey is gun owner plus he lived in Uvalde TX, so yeah his gets to talk above the rest of us. So suck it up.

But of course opposition cannot shut up and listen, nope ya gotta simply label his words as “Hollywood Liberal Elitist” just wave your hands in disagreement.

It didn’t take long for folks to start the “hypocritical” chant by delving into his movie vault and pulling up “facts” such as “ya know he’s preaching gun safety meanwhile he’s got 19 films filled with gun violence…..” .

It’s kinda funny who quickly ya go with the “I’m rubber your glue” argument.

And let’s not forget Bill Maher whining about Glamourizing Violence in Hollywood a few days later.

OK let’s talk about glamourizing violence in Hollywood – Shocker! It ain’t nothing new and goes waaaaaaaaaaay back. I guess we shouldn’t talk about all the Arnold movies of the 80’s or how about those “spaghetti westerns” that glamorized cowboys.

Did those movies want you to become cowboy?

Or how about “The Wild Ones?” Did you want to join a biker gang like Marlon Brando?

Yeah kinda ridiculous ain’t it

For crying out loud, Billy the Kid and Jesse James were made out to be misunderstood heroes of the West but ya don’t see anyone ‘woke enough’ start tearing apart movie catalogs.

So you folks out there blaming Hollywood for gun violence I hope you enjoy your book banning/book bonfires because you ain’t helping anything, you creating a diversion to make yourself feel better

You aren’t listening; Minor (that would be those under 18 yr old) should not be allowed to purchase high powered guns. There’s also a major mental health issue in this country that most families would rather hide then help get treatment. Think about it – Canada and Great Britian have the same movies we do and ya don’t see them plastered on the evening news with headlines of “another mass shooting….” Nope only in ‘Murica.

So yeah, McConaughey has a taller soapbox then you and me, it’s how he uses it is what gives him the greater value and obviously you ain’t listening.

That’s it, good night



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