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June 25, 2022 – Today’s Incoherent Thought(s)


Just a few incoherent thoughts for this weekend.

By the way: Yes these are my quick thoughts that would sound extremely better in a full-blown verbal rant and No I don’t really care if you’re reading this or not.

1. Time for “responsibility” he says 

It’s Friday afternoon and I’m stuck in traffic listing to NPR talking about the Supreme Court ruling and the hostess (Mary Louise Kelly) had former Mississippi Gov Phil Bryant as guest.

Just a recap; he was the governor of Mississippi at the time who brought all this front and center for the ending SCOTUS session w/ a 15 week ban

Anyway, she pretty went right the SCOTUS decision and well the word “jubilant” doesn’t quite describe his reaction. More like he was having a circle-jerk session with his many supporters.

OK, I get it, you got a victory, and you should be proud.

But what got me was part of his response being “people need to take responsibility for their actions”

Well, here’s an excerpt from the conversation:

KELLY: Mississippi, as we mentioned, only has one clinic providing abortions. What do these next days look like in your state?

BRYANT: Well, I think people will start thinking about something called individual responsibility. I think they’re going to have to take into consideration that I might not be able to get an abortion on demand. I might not be able to do that just for my convenience. And so I think – I hope and I believe that there will be adults who will be more responsible and not bring about a life that they do not want.

OK let’s talk individual responsibility or should I just toss out the “Remember PA- Republican Congressman Tim Murphy” moment?

In case you may have forgotten, he’s no longer a congressman for the main reason he was so adamant about being Pro-Life that when his mistress was pregnant, he pushed the notion of her having an abortion.

Yes, I believe in one’s right of “My Body My Choice” and I’ve always been one for abortion for the reasons of Medical, Rape and Incest. And here’s my first question when it comes to right to life: A pregnant female is told by her doctor “If we do not abort this pregnancy there’s a 95% chance you will not live by any means of medical procedure?”

Whose life are we now protecting? Who gets to make the decision on who lives and who dies in this situation?

If she’s a single female (for whatever reason), how does she choose her life over the unborn?

Oh wait, I forgot thanks to SCOTUS it now becomes a decision of state law and Kayak just got an uptick in bookings for future medical travel to those States who haven’t change their abortion laws.

Here’s the transcript of the interview: https://www.npr.org/2022/06/24/1107531593/former-governor-whose-bill-was-at-the-center-of-roe-ruling-reacts-to-scotus-deci

2. Who’s the next contestant…. 

I really want ALL Primary Debates to be styled after Family Feud and Steve Harvey must be the host.

“5 answers on the board and the question is……..”

I mean i’ve always been for shock collars and cattle prods to keep candidates on task and not to interrupt but I was told that too inhumane to do. Plus, networks just refuse turn off all microphones except the one on the soapbox at that moment.

If not the Family Feud, how about the return of MTV’s Remote Control and we can watch a candidate get tossed in the air for not following the agreed upon rules.

Come to think about, I think Steve Harvey needs to host ALL election debates

3. January 6th Meeting have quite interesting.

So many politicians asking for pardons, even those that were just sworn into office a few days prior. Kinda makes ya wonder what they knew or what they did or what they’re afraid of to want to cover their ass by begging for a Presidential Pardon before, during and after January 6?

I’m gonna skip over the whole POTUS Donnie part and go right the rioters section, ya know those folks that actually did walk the Capitol steps, smashed windows and doors, some heavily armed, and costs a few million dollars in damage that taxpayers eventually had to pay for.

Yes I understand that there were many folks on that day taht went to listen to POTUS Donnie and his little cult of personalities simply state fiction over fact. But hey, we have lived in a “Liberty Valance” society for a few decades now.

You know, “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance” famous quote “When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.”

Too many folks create their own legend and Donnie has been doing so since the early 80’s. Creating his own legend or fiction and if repeated enough times it becomes fact.

Anyway where was I?

Oh Yeah, yes many folks walk away from the January 6th’s bloated soapbox and turned the other way for whatever reasoning; low blood sugar and needed a burger or they were double parked or their tour bus was pulling out.

Good for those folks who decided the day was done and just wanted to get away from what was about to happen.

But you cannot tell me, after all the video we’ve seen over the past 18 months or so, that this was not a planned insurrection?

Secret meetings in parking lots the night before? And I gotta say that whenever I’m going to a political rally I’m always making sure my riot tactical gear, zip-ties and walkie talkies are packed.

But was the end result to be?

If you got ahold of Pelosi or Pence, were you really going to hang them? Because if ya did, you’d have the death penalty and not these laxed slaps of 6 – 8 month jail sentences.

I love the many lawyers who defend their client with “They lost their job, their fnaily & friends, and their privacy. Haven’t they suffered enough?”

Easy answer: HELL NO!

How gullible are you to think a sitting POTUS was gonna give you a pardon then or anytime in the future?

Look, we’ve seen it time and time again from past protests that turned violent, it only takes one person to throw the first stone or yell “burn this bitch down” for the emotions of others to jump in.

You’re no better then the folks you bitch about from Summer’s past that caused terror and destruction in a City over some event.

OK event is not the best term but you get the point

I don’t think POTUS Donnie is going to jail, hell I don’t even think he’ll get censured or whatever and yet will have a massive effect on both the mid-terms and general elections.

But the GOP cannot get their message out as long as he keeps talking and receiving attention.

I mean after all it didn’t take more then a minute for him to state the end of Roe v. Wade was because “he delivered”

4. Ain’t no way DEM’ers gonna win

Sorry folks, even with the SCOTUS decision on Roe v. Wade, I don’t think there is enough fight out there for the DEM’ers to keep their House majority. Heck, I think they lose at least 5 seats in the Senate and maybe 15 in the House.

Currently there’s 435 seats in the House; 220 = DEM’ers, 210 = GOP’ers with 5 vacancies. Yeah, easy 15 for the GOP’ers come Nov 2022.

Biden cannot run in 2024. Sorry he can’t and actually I don’t think if all turns around and the World economy picks up, DEM’ers aint winning the White House. Secretly, GOP’ers are gonna go all in on Gov DeSantis and the Orange-man ain’t gonna be happy

That’s it, slap the tap, pass the over-priced peanut bowl and pay your political tab as we watch the political divide widen further and further daily


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