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Just turn off your damn lights (neighborhood fighting against trick or treaters)


Listening to the local morning radio talk shows and I heard about a local rural community that is taking action against non-community trick or treaters invading their candy stockpiles.

Their main bitch; too many kids costs residents more money in candy.


Hell, my community we don’t get enough kids and I don’t want leftover candy so I tell kids to take a handful and when the bowls are empty the porchlights go out.

It’s just that damn easy

But nope, we gotta have specially marked community bags for the kiddos to use. But what happens when that bag gets overfilled or lost, are you gonna tell the kids to get off your lawn?

Holidays have become such a pain in the ass thanks to grumpy people. I always wonder if people who scream about anti-Christians being against Christmas if the allow their kids to participate in Halloween? I mean do Satanists, sorry I mean Celtics celebrating Samhain, get upset if a kid doesn’t say “Happy Halloween!” or “Trick or Treat?”

We’re an over-sensitive nation even though we’re desensitized towards others, which all leads up to the “War on Christmas” verbal barrages getting set to begin.

That’s it, slap the political tap and pay your tab.

Mt. Pleasant Officials Attempt To Crack Down On ‘Candy Carpetbaggers’ http://pittsburgh.cbslocal.com/2017/10/05/mt-pleasant-halloween-trick-or-treat-bags/

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